Application for Anticipatory Bail

Important points
  1. A person may apply for anticipatory bail either to Court of Sessions or to High Court under S. 438 of Cr P C.
  2. No Verification, Notary, and Affidavit is required.

In the Court of Sessions Judge at Indore

Criminal Petition No. ..../2009
Crime No. .... / 2009
U/s. 329 of IPC
Police Station at MG Road, Indore 
A. B. s/o B. C.
123, A B Road, Indore, MP                            .........................................  Applicant


State of Madhya Pradesh,                                
through Public Prosecutor, Indore                     .........................................  Respondent

Application for Anticipatory Bail under under S. 438 Cr P C

The aforementioned applicant begs to state as under:-
  1. That a burglary was allegedly committed in a house at 222 MG Road, which is adjacent to the the applicant's house on the night of 10/10/2009.
  2. The police constable has visited my house for inquiry about the said burglary.
  3. That the owner of house, where burglary has been committed, bears enmity with applicant and so has been implicating the applicant falsely in said burglary.
  4. That the applicant believes that he may be arrested on a non-bailable offence by police, issued at the instance of owner of house.
  5. That the applicant has not committed any such offence and that he is totally innocent in this matter.
The applicant, therefore, prays that this Honourable Court be pleased to issue a direction to S.H.O. Police Station MG Road that if the applicant is arrested he may be released on bail on conditions that this Honourable Court may impose on the applicant. And your applicant, as in duty bound, shall ever pray.

 Indore                                                                           Applicant
 10/11/2009                                                                   Through, Advocate


 I, ______, do hereby solomnly verify that the contents from paras 1 to 4 are correct and true to the best of my knowledge and rest of the contents are based on legal advice, which I believe to be correct. Affirmed at Indore this 4th Day of September 2009.