Application for Regular Bail

Important points
  1. A person may be accused of a Bailable or a Non Bailable offence. In case of a bailable offence, the accused has a right to secure his release by applying for bail under S. 436(1) of Cr P C, while in case of non-bailable offence, the accused may be released by the court on its discretion after he applied for bail under S. 437(1) of Cr P C. In case of a bailable offence, if the accused in indigent, he may be released my executing a personal bond without sureties.
  2. The application for bail is made to the court in which the accused is tried (that depends on the offence). However, S. 439 gives special powers to HC and Court of Session to release a person on bail (after imposing certain  conditions), and so an application may be made to HC or Court of Session as well if the person is under arrest.
  3. No Verification, Notary, and Affidavit required.

Before the Judicial Magistrate Ist Class at Indore
Criminal Misc. Petition No ....../2009
Crime No. 1234 / 2009
(or Criminal Complaint No 1234/2009)
A. B. s/o B. C.
age 30 yrs
resident of 123, A B Road, Indore, MP         .........................................  Petitioner/Accused


State of Madhya Pradesh                             
through Station House Officer,
Police Station, MG Road, Indore                     .........................................  Respondent/Prosecution
(or M. N. s/o N.O.
resident of 222 AB Road, Indore                     .........................................  Complainant)

Application for Bail under under S. 437(1) of Cr P C

The aformentioned accused/applicant begs to state as under:-
  1. That the accused is facing trial before this Hon'ble Court in case titled as State of MP vs A.B. for the offence under Sections 323 and 325 of IPC.
  2. That this Hon'ble court was pleased to issue a Warrant and the Police has accordingly arrested the accused/applicant.
  3. That the accused was not at all involved in the crime alleged in the said case.
  4. That the accused is a permanent resident of Indore and earning livelihood by working as a fruit vendor in trains. 
  5. The accused has his old parents dependent upon him and the accused is the only bread earner for the family.
  6. That by getting the accused/applicant arrested the accused has been deprived of his valuable fundamental right of liberty by abuse of powers and process of law by the complainant. 
  7. That the accused is willing to furnish surety and bail bonds to the satisfaction of this learned court in case he is ordered to be released on bail. 
  8. That the accused will abide by all the conditions as imposed by this Honourable Court.
It is, therefore, most respectfully prayed that this application for bail may kindly be allowed in the interest of justice and the accused be released on bail upon such conditions a this Honorable Court may deem fit.  

 10/11/2009                                                                   Through, Advocate