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    Important Information - Please read this before reading these Law Notes!

    I made these notes for Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidyalaya 3 Yr LLB course with an intention to pass the exams with good marks in minimum efforts. You have only 30 minutes to write an answer for a question and my intention was to capture as much subject knowledge as can actually be written by hand in 30 minutes. I was able to top these exams with the help of these notes. If you cram these notes, you cannot fail the exams.

    However, the purpose of these notes is NOT to spoon-feed or to stop students from studying. Law is an intellectually challenging and satisfying subject but unfortunately the exam pattern of the University only promotes cramming and rote learning.

    Therefore, these notes should be used only to minimize the time required to cram for the exam and the remaining time should be devoted to reading quality law books and developing the conceptual underpinnings of Law.

    These notes are not a replacement for quality books but can be used in place of cheap "20 questions" type of books. No other "Series" or "20 questions" can provide you such a condensed and to the point material.

    For people from non-legal background

    I have made an effort to include a good amount of fundamental aspects in the notes. So these should give you a good start in the subject you might be interested in.
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    Free solved or unsolved questions papers for Civil Judge Class II and Assistant Public Prosecuter (APP), ADPO exam of various states are made available here.

    Note: In some papers, the answer to a question is mentioned right below the question. However, the answer is in white color and so it is not visible immidiately. You have to select/highlight the line to make it visible. This is done so that one can try to answer the question without seeing the correct answer and then verify whether he answered correctly or not.
    For example:

    Q. 1: Question text....
    (a) option 1
    (b) option 2
    (c) option 3
    (d) option 4
    Select this line to see the answer: a 

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    Previous Years Questions Papers for LLB and LLM of various Universities in India

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