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Tuesday, 08 September 2009 01:42

Law of Evidence

Unit 2 & 3- Central Concepts in Law of Evidence and Relevancy of Facts

Q. 1 "Evidence may be given of facts in issue and relevant facts." Explain. What do you understand by relevancy of facts? Explain the doctrine of Res Gestae. Do you agree with the view that this doctrine is not only useless but is also harmful? When does relevancy of facts form part of the same transaction?

Q. 2 What facts are relevant under Indian Evidence Act? When do facts not otherwise relevant become relevant? Are those facts also relevant which are the occasion, cause, or effect of facts in issue? "Any fact is relevant which shows or constitutes a motive or preparation and conduct of any fact in issue or relevant fact". Explain. How far is character relevant and admissible in evidence in civil and criminal cases?

Q. 3 What are the facts that need not be proved?

Unit 4 - Admissions and Confessions

Q. 4 What do you understand by Admission? Discuss the law regarding proof of admissions against persons making them and by or on behalf of them. "Admission cannot be proved by or on behalf of any person who makes it". Are there any exceptions? Discuss.

Q. 5 What do you understand by Confession? How does confession differ from admission? State the law relating to confessions. What is Judicial and Extra-Judicial confession? Under what circumstances is it relevant and when can it not be proved? State the extent, relevancy, and admissibility of a confession as evidence. How far can the statements of the accused made before the police be used against him?

Unit 10 - Witnesses, Examination, and Cross Examination

Q. 6 Discuss the law regarding competency of a witness? (Sections 118-121) Can a wife be a competent witness against her husband? (Section 120)

Q. 7 Describe different stages in testimony of a witness. (Sections 137, 138) What is a leading question? (Section 141) When such questions cannot and when such questions can be asked? (Section 142, 143) Can a witness refuse to answer a question? (Section 147) Who is hostile witness? Under what circumstances a person is allowed to cross examine his own witness? What are the limits of such rights of cross examination? (Sections 154) Q. 11 When may the credit of a witness be impeached by a party? (Sections 155)

Unit 11 - Burden of Proof

Q. 8 What do you understand by Burden of Proof? On whom the does the burden of proof lie? Are there any exceptions? State the rules of determining Burden of Proof in a suit or proceeding. When does the burden of proof shift to the other parties?

Q. 9 What is Judicial Presumption? Explain giving special effects to the law relating to abatement of suicide by a married woman.

Short Notes

Hearsay Evidence, Evidence of an Expert, Proved, Disproved, and Not Proved, Facts & Evidence, Document, Public Document, & Private Document. Conclusive Proof.
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