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Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act PDF Print E-mail
Written by Hanumant's Law Journal   
Tuesday, 08 September 2009 01:47

Civil Procedure Code

Q. 1 Explain decree and order and distinguish between them.  What are the essential elements of a decree? What are the kinds of a decree? What are the consequences of appearance or non-appearance of parties. When can an ex parte decree against defendant be set aside.What is an ex parte decree? Discuss the remedies available to a defendant against whom ex parte decree has been passed. All questions regarding execution of a decree shall be determined by the court executing the decree and not by a separate suit. Explain.

Q. 2 What are the objects and essential conditions of the doctrine of res judicata? Illustrate the principle of constructive res judicata. Can an ex parte decree act as constructive res judicata?

Q. 3 "Every suit shall be instituted in court of lowest grade competent to try it", Explain. State principles which guide a plaintiff in determining the place of filing a suit. Explain the provisions of CPC which are applied in determining the forum for institution of a suite relating to immovable property.

Q. 4 State the procedure for institution of suits by and against minors or persons of unsound mind.

Q. 5 What do you understand by Set Off. Distinguish between Legal and Equitable set off.

Q. 6 On what grounds does a second appeal lie?

Q. 7 What do you understand by Reference? What is the difference between Review and Revision. On what grounds does a revision lie to the high court? Illustrate with examples.

Q. 8 What do you mean by Summon? What are its essential elements? State in brief various modes of service of summons on defendant. How Summons is served in particular cases. Explain the rules regarding service of Summons. Can the service of Summons be treated as sufficient if the party refuses to accept the summon?

Limitation Act

Q.1 Explain - Limitations bars remedy but does not extinguish the right.

Q. 2 Explain Legal Disability under Limitation Act, 1963. Who can get the benefit of legal disability? How legal disability effects on the period of limitation?

Q. 3 Can a court grant extension of the period of limitation? If so, in what circumstances and in what class of proceeding.

Q. 4 Discuss the effects of fraud, mistake, and Acknowledgement under Limitation Act, 1963. State the conditions for a valid acknowlegement.
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  • Rajesh Chaturvedi  - Compliments to Hanumant
    Dear Hanumant,
    I am a criminal lawyer.I have passed out LLB in 1987. I have gone through your study material. It is really nice and one piece item of its kind. your effort is admirable. But I would like to s***est you to incorporate new verdict of supreme court atleast. I can help you in this connection. I am regular visitor of NIC/Judis in the search of cases. Beside this there are many more free/paid private sites also. But in my opinion the NIC is the best.
    I hope you will not take my advice otherwise.
    Rajesh Chaturvedi
    e-mail- chaturvedirk123@gmail****
  • Anonymous
    i am usman romi khan from quetta Pakistan. i am student of law final
    year i need some books written by valuable authors of c.p.c cr.p.c and
    law of evidence could you s***est me or send me plz
  • Aziz khan  - zghala zoe
    Zghala zoe
  • axcusat
    for evidence you can refer ratanlal and dhirajlal or dr.s.r.myneni
    crpc-ratanlal & dhirajlal or kelker or dr.n.maheshwara swamy
  • admin
    Respected Chaturvediji,
    Thank you very much for your feedback. I would definitely like to incorporate your s***estion and I am sending you an email in this respect.

  • sanjay thobde
    Respected Hanumant ji,

    My case was on board on 10 th of this month and was going to submit the compromise pursis. We went to court at 12 noon with compromise pursis but court had decreed the suit as dismissal,partly allowing it by giving me some paltry money.
    We have given application to set aside that decree under section 151 and try the suit in the light of compromise.We have also kept compromise pursis on record.
    Now court is asking for case law, and if it is provided then is ready to set aside it's order.
    Please advise how to proceed,and s***est if there is any case law.
  • NIRMALSINH CHAUHAN  - study material law
    hello, sir,

    I am 5th sem students for LLB and just two subject material problem 1. legal language
    2. profesional ethics
    so, pl, sir, help you.

    Nirmal chauhan
  • Md. Abdullah Al Masud, I.U Kus  - Thanks and saggest
    Thank you very much for your this kind of great wor in site of Law. I would definitely like to igive a s***estion to you that you should increase the information and and all question of the all major subject. I have also an amount of information about verious subject. I am interested to joint with you. I walso want to know about the author/authors. Please send a massage about you and yours.

    Masud, bd
  • admin
    Dear Masud,
    You may send me your articles and notes and I will publish them on the site along with your name and contact info.

  • Taneer Raj  - The Story Behind the notes of LLB

    The notes, which is provided by Hanumant's Law Journal is actually prepared with intention of how to answers the questions in point wise, where the subject knowledge is minimized.

    My s***estions:

    1. Follow the notes (Hanumant's Law Journal) to score high marks in the exams with minimal effort. It is the excellent material to prepare any “University Exams” in INDIA.

    2. Follow your respective University Lectures or Books thoroughly to maximize the knowledge of law, which will help you to settle as “Successful Lawyer”

    By following s***estion #1 – you score high in “Student Life”.
    By following s***estion #2 – you rank high in “Professional Life”.

    If you follow both, THE GENIUS LIFE is ahead.

    Thanking you - Hanumant's Law Journal.

    Taneer Raj,
    B****, LLB.
  • Prashant maurya  - Crpc
    Sir can you also post answers for Q7 & Q8 of criminal Procedure code....
    That wii be of great help..
  • Prashant maurya  - re: Crpc
    Sir can you also post answers for Q7 & Q8 of civil Procedure code....
    That wii be of great help..
  • swamy.k  - limitation Act
    [size=x-sm4. State the period of limitations and when does the time begin to run in any three of the following:
    a) Application of Execution of Decree
    b) for redemption of mortgaged property by a mortgager.
    c) An application to set-aside an order of abatement.
    d) Suit for recovery of money.
    e) For leave to Appeal to High Court as pauper/bankrupt.
  • karan
    sir i am very glad to see cpc paper i am very thankful to you
  • Abhijeet Vaidya  - LLB - III student

    I would like to know what is -


    Please help me.


  • Raj  - Advice
    Respected sir,

    My self Raj from Raipur, Chhattisgarh, LL.M.(Constitutional and Administrative Law), UGC-NET, June 2010 cleared. Actually, I am in Govt. Job. kindly give to s***ession about Civil Judge Exam. Any notes or books for preparation.
  • Anonymous
    Dear Sir,

    Your notes had helped me yet in becoming topper of my college in 1st n 2nd yr.I hope I will maintain this in my final year too.Such a step is really admirable for a student of law as well for those who wants to enhance their knowlege in the area of law.

    Sir,It my humble request to you to kindly provide the LINKS of Question no 7 and 8 of CPC and Question no 3 of Limitation Act,which are not active.


    Monika Verma.

  • k l sud  - limitation for govt deptts under limtation act

    pls inform the time limit under which provident fund commissioner can claim interest on delayed deposit of provident fund by an employer
    is it 4/7 11 years

    shall be grateful for early response

    k l sud
  • pavan  - presentation of judge exam
    Good evening sir, i need to know the way of presentation skill in written exam for JCJ exam(junior civil judge). and is the material in ur website is sufficient for that exam and any s***estions regarding the material. which books are preferrable.
  • Anonymous
    sir civil judge aur APP exam. k liye hindi me kya material available hai aur kaha milega.
  • preeti chhatri  - thank you
    hello sir,
    i am a 9th sem student and preparing for CJ and ADPO exams due to this i was in dire need of some guide line for the question answer format and your notes fulfill this necessity. thanks a lot.
  • Anonymous
    Dear Sir,
    I am preparing for HCS(J) 2011

    This is my fourth Attempt

    I always miss the bus by few marks

    please guide me at least by answering any one question of judiciary exam

    In fact i am not able give exactly what the monkey wants.


  • Anonymous  - re: presentation of judge exam
    Good evening sir, i need to know the way of presentation skill in written exam for JCJ exam(junior civil judge). and is the material in ur website is sufficient for that exam and any s***estions regarding the material. which books are preferrable.
  • Anonymous
    sir, can you please provide notes on WOMEN AND CRIMINAL LAW..my exams will be held on the coming january 2012

  • neeraj bhomick  - sir ,
    sir you can providing notes in c.p.c L.L.B v sem
    topice is bar limetations and remedy and rights pls 28/12/2012 writte exam
  • p thomas  - civil procedure code and limitation act
    sir please sent the subject of ten year quistion paper
  • Abdul Hamid  - I am very glad to sée yr material.so i hv a need o
    Please help me in interpretation of statute
  • sudhir kumar  - preparing for junior civil judge
    good morning sir,

    my name is sudhir kumar i have completed my MBA(HR) in 2008 and then i have completed my LL.B (3 years) in 2011.
    sir, i want to know is i am eligible for judicial service conducted by various state.
    your's faithfully,
    sudhir kumar
  • V.S.pareek  - judicial

    judge aur APP exam. k liye hindi me kya material available hai aur kaha milega.
  • V.S.pareek
    Sir my email Id is visupareek@gmail****
    Hanumanth Sir,
    Its great work of you,providing all the material for the preparation of judicial services Examination.
    I request you to provide any material for the interview preparation so as i am very glad to tell u that my sister had qualified her mains exam.
    She was preparing for the interview.Please give us any s***estions for cracking the interview.
    With best regards.
  • RAJWINDER KAUR  - guidlines for interview
    Sir i have qualified my PCS(J) main exam.now i am preparing for the interview. kindly give me s***estions/ guidlines for qualifying the interview.
    with Regards
  • Yogendra Giri  - Law Student
    Dear Sir,
    i am LLB. student from Mumbai University, just i want to CPC QUESTION PAPER of Nov. 2011. If possible either published at this site or send my email id is

    Yogendra Giri.
  • sahar  - Notes Required LL.B 3rd semester

    i am student of LL.B 3rd semester. i have to required complete notes of these.

    Civil Procedure Code / Limitation Act

    Criminal Procedure Code / Medical Jurisprudence

    Law of Evidence (New Course)
    i. Qanoon-e-Shahadat
    ii. Elements of Legal Ethics
    Law of Evidence (Old Course)
    i. Qanoon-e-Shahadat 1984
    ii. Leading Cases
    Law of Conveyance and Pleading

    Administrative Law-III (New Course)
    i. Principles of Administrative Law
    ii. Administrative Tribunals
    iii. Law of Civil Service
    Constitutional Law-III (Old Course)
    i. Law of Writs
    ii. Leading Cases
    Minor Acts
    i. The Stamps Act
    ii. Suits Valuation Act
    iii. Court Fees Act.
    iv. Acbitration Act.
    Labour and Taxation Laws (New Course) Supreme Court and High Courts Rules (Old Course)
  • amit ingale
    :D its really helpful i have studied these notes and i have cleared my subject..
  • aknksha sharma
    respected sir ,
    realy u r doing a great work ...sir can u upload more notes for cpc
  • nisha gour  -  thank you sir.......
    thanks for providing such a great material for law aspirants...
  • adv.monika kulkarni  - hats off sir
    : :) ) sir your notes r very nice.i have passed ll.b last year. now i'm preparing for jmfc.i definitely read u r material for this exam
  • priyanka nanda  - civil judge
    :D hi my self priyanka nanda i want some notes in hindi for civiljudge exam pls help me thx
  • sachin m. awachar
    kindly send me the details of article 64 of limitation act with judgements
  • mahesh tembhe
    sir i am in 5th sem i am marathi student marathi material not available
    in market so i just need that i hope u understand my problem what u s***est for this trouble
    i waiting for ur reply
    sorry sir my above mistake regarding my english i hope u understand send good reply for better to me
  • vijay  - Very useful to acadamicians, professionals. govt.o
    The author has labored to publish very useful information to all stake-holders. I wish the author(s) all success to bring similar useful sites in IPC, Criminal procedure code, IE Act and WP/PILs before Hon'ble HC, Apex Court reg, their procedure, contempt procedures, etc..
  • K.Jyothi Srinivarao  - Q & A.
    hello, sir,

    I am 5th sem students for LLB and just two questions 1) The Power of High Court to Stay proceedings in a Civil Suit? 2) Examine the Cases to which the limitation Act is not applicable?

    Pls give Answer

    Jyothi Srinivasa rao
  • jitenra kumar  - give detail of ciceil procedure / code and limitat
    give detail of ciceil procedure / code and limitation act
  • dhaarna
    thanku fr providing such gr8 notes ..
  • dhaarna
    thanku fr such gr8 notes
  • mahesh more  - sir,i like u r notes & guidelines.

    sir ,

    i am prepraing 4 jmfc exam so i like u r notes & guidelines.

    so i want u 2 guide me which material and notes should i use 4

  • Mobin Sayed  - appreciation
    Dear Sir,
    yours is the best among all.
    Mobin sayed
  • manjula palthur
    hello sir ,
    this is manjula am very happy to see all your materials it is very helpful to all law students even for practising junior advocates even me to a practising advocate when i came out as student i did not know how to mingle all sec and understand when i read about your notes it became very easy to understand because reading and coming out is different and practicle is different i really appreciate your notes and i say never read such notes before where it could be eady ly undersatanble. sir i like know the written examination skills for civil judge exam and my mail id is manjula14_pal@yahoo.co.in thanking you manjula
  • Suraj dev  - Limitation act
    Sir,i request for your help,in these 2 questions, importance of Limitation act & ways & procedures for execution of limitation act.Hope u will respond me as soon as possible,as there is exam after 2 days sir
  • sonal
    :D jst saying thanks to u.. notes are quiet easy to understand. :D
  • esha khan  - learn
    rest justicepect sir i m law pass out in 2010 but i have a problem my english is very week .it my week point so i am not able to understand ,judgment of high cour
  • Arun Jangid
    What is difference between joinder, misjoinder and non joinder

    Arun Jangid
  • Anonymous
    joinder - when two or more parties joined as plaintiff or defendent in a s
    suit that is called joinder of parties

    misjoinder - misjoinder of parties means when parties need not to be joined in a suit but joined or wrongly joined parties is misjoinder

    non joinder - when necessary parties in a suit is not joined is called nonjoinder of parties
  • Punit Malik  - Required Notes for Civil Procedure Code and Limita
    Dear All

    I am a student of LL.B 5th sem, I require notes for Required Notes for "Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act". Request if someone can share it with me . My email id is punitmalik01@gmail****.

    Punit Malik
  • Anonymous
    respected sir,
    my name is nizam-ud-din lecturer in law college balochistan
    sir i got some problems in law subject specially in criminal procedure code
    i need for my self study purpose ,the study notes
    kindly it is requested to email it



  • CK
    Thank you, for such wonderful notes, sir :)
  • shivaprasad  - notes
    Dear All

    I am a student of LL.B 5th sem, I require notes for Required Notes for "Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act". Request if someone can share it with me . My email id is shivaissar@gmail****
  • Anonymous
    transfer of notes unable to get
  • sri
  • sushil  - Notes for judical Exams
    I am a preparing for judicial exams, I require notes for "Civil Procedure Code, Evidence Act, IPC, CrpcRequest if someone can share it with me . My email id is sushilwattal@gmail****
    Thank you very much sir. It is very use full for the law students for writing judicial examinations...
  • Muhammad Aslam Rind  - plz send me more Question with Answers of cpc and
    notes of cpc and limitation Act for exams preparation .
  • Muhammad Aslam Rind  - notes of cpc
    plz send me notes of cpc.
  • Nishit Paul  - Please provide with Q.7 and 8 of CPC.
    I kindly heartedly request to provide with answers of question 7 and 8 of CPC.
    Thanking you.
  • suresh patil  - Book on comparative law
    I am student of law from KARNATAK UNIVERSITY - DHARWAD. There is one subject for IIIrd year LLB ie. COMPARITIVE LAW.Sir can you please help me in arranjing any notes on this subject.Alternatively you can s***est some books on the subject including the publisher details to enable me to procure the same.

    Also I wish to have notes on the fallowing subjects.
    1.public international law
    2.legal theory(jurisprudence)
    3.c p c including limitation act
    4.cr p c includng evidence Act
  • Hardik  - Require Notes.
    Dear Sir,

    I am in the Final Year of Law and had referred to your notes for the previous Sem.

    The notes provided here are so awsome that it helped me score very good marks in the previous Sem. I am really THANKFUL to you for the help. The notes provide very clear and specific information with examples which helps to understand the matters clearly and very easily.

    T hereby request you to provide me the notes for the following subjects for my upcoming exams, so that I can again score good marks.

    Followng are the subjects:

    1. C.P.C and Limitation Act,
    2. Cr.P.C ,
    3. Law of Evidence,
    4. Public Interest Lawyering,
    5. Intellectual Property Law,
    6. Principles of Negotiable Instruments and
    7. Rehabilitation of Criminals and Juveniles in Society and Law.

    Thanking You again..!!

    Mail ID : greengoblin_26@yahoo.co.in
  • shreevani k  - kindly provide notes for cpc of KSLU syllabus
    Dear sir/madam

    I request your goodselves to provide notes for 1. Civil Procedure Code & 2. Penology any victimology according to karnataka state law university pls.

    I am facing difficulty by studying in text book especially for code of civil procedure.

    Kindly help me in this regard.
    With great hope.........

    Thanking you
  • Sushil Medhe  - i want Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act in
    i want Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act in Marathi language
    if you able to give this i thank full for you.
  • vinita rani
  • vinita rani  - Thanks for the wonderful site.
    Very helpful site for the students....... thanks to all.
  • Priti Rameshchandra Mahajan  - Seeking notes
    Sir please mail me full notes of Sem 5 subjects
    i.e CPC, Cr.PC, IOS, PIL&Human Rights.
  • jasram sharma  - cpc
    llb 5yr student helpfull s***estion
  • Anonymous
    why no answers for question 7 and 8. plz help !
  • ashok  - i want sum LLB KSLU notes
    Dear Sir

    I am a student of LL.B KSLU Hubli university, I request you to provide me the notes for the following subjects

    OPT III -penology & victomology
    OPT IV -interpretation of statutes & principals of legislation.

  • Adepu Bharath  - Bharath-Thank you note
    Really Nice sir, but i came to know it very late but will now learn from your site sir.
  • Pradeep  - 're limitation act -acknowledgement in writing
    Respected......... Admin
    If you have some material related with sec. 18 of limitation act then plz help me
  • Pallav Jain  -  hi my self Pallav Jain i want some notes in hind
    i want some notes in hindi for Ll.b 6th Sem exam pls help me thx
  • kanchana  - Notes requirement
    Dear Sir,

    Kinldy send me the notes of Interpretation of statutes and civil procedure code of 5th sem of LL.b 3 years,

    I need it urgently

    Waiting for your response

    Thanking You
  • Anonymous
    can someone please send me the notes of cpc and crpc.
  • Prabha Kanaujia
    Kindly send me note of c.p.c and cr.p.c......
    Plz sir

    Thank u

    Requested by
    Prabha kanaujia
  • Imran  - code of civil procedure handy list
    Hi I found out this help full for CPC
    https://play.google****/store/apps/details?id=com.simplysocial.legal.c pc&hl=en

    This app works offline
  • Anonymous
    sir your notes are up to the mark..i have learn and got much information from your website..plz it is my request to u to upload the summons question as soon as possible waiting for ur kind reply ..
  • Anonymous
    sir I want notes on IPC. Please provide contact number.
  • Curt Prestley  - Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act

  • Annalee Torchio  - Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act

  • Maida Siena  - Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act

  • Earle Cronenberg  - Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act

  • Kecia Keefauver  - Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act

  • Anonymous
    sir i am student of law and now doing final year...sir i need guess all subjects subjects names no 1 cpc
    No2 crpc
    No3 QSO
    No4 law of drafting and conveysing
    No5 Administrative law
    No6 Minor Acts in which including (arbitration act) (court fee Act) Stamp Act (punjab premises rent Act)
    No 7 labour and taxation law
    i m from Pakistan and doing my law from punjab university lahore and my final exams will be conducted on 16 july 2016 ....i hopeful u send me guess of all subjects thanks...
  • Anonymous
    Q. 8 What do you mean by Summon? What are its essential elements? State in brief various modes of service of summons on defendant. How Summons is served in particular cases. Explain the rules regarding service of Summons. Can the service of Summons be treated as sufficient if the party refuses to accept the summon?
  • Anonymous
    requested sir
    can u uploaded the further part of cpc question means Q6 and Q7
  • Maria  - CrPC
    assalam o aliakum !
    pll send me cr.pc notes
  • Anonymous
    I am in third LLB... Actually we need to write in diary court room proceedings and interview with clients so any one can provide me???
  • Pratima
    There Is error In the HTML source in que 7 and 8 plzzzz update it
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