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Company Law - By Avinash Balakrishna PDF Print E-mail
Written by Hanumant's Law Journal   
Saturday, 07 August 2010 23:49

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(Contributed by Avinash Balakrishna   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

  1. Explain the Advantages and Disadvantages of Incorporation of a Company. (L)
  2. Distinction between Company and Partnership.(M)
  3. When can Corporate Veil of a Company be Lifted?(L)

  4. Write a Note on Pre-incorporation Contracts.(M)
  5. Is company a citizen?(S)

  6. Explain the Procedure for Registration of a Company.(S)
  7. Write a Note on Certificate of Incorporation (sec 34 and 35)(S)
  8. Explain the Clauses of Memorandum of Association OR Explain the Importance of Memorandum of Association.(L)

  9. Explain the Procedure for Alteration of Memorandum of Association.(M)
  10. Articles of Association.(L)

  11. Difference between articles and memorandum.(S)
  12. Alteration of articles (sec 31)(S)

  13. Explain the Doctrine of Ultra-vires.(L)

  14. Explain the Doctrine of Constructive Notice.(L)

  15. Explain the Doctrine of Indoor Management OR Explain the Rule laid down in Royal British Bank v. Turquand.(L)

  16. Prospectus(M)
  17. Prospectus- Remedies for Misrepresentation(M)

  18. Promoters.(M)
  19. Directors- Powers, Duties and Position.(L)

  20. Quorum (Section 174).(S)
  21. Kinds of Companies.(L)
  22. Government Company.(S)
  23. Conversion of a Private Company into a Public Company.(M)
  24. What are the Advantages of a Private Company?(M)

  25. Dividends.(M)
  26. Debentures.(M)
  27. Floating Charge(M)
  28. What are the Kinds of Share Capital?(S)

  29. Allotment of Shares.(M)
Comments (53)
  • Shekar
    great notes-very systematically presented
  • prabhjot singh  - conteact-2 company law administration law trans of
  • Vishakha  - Element of Company Law
    SIR, In this study Section COMPANY LAW you don't explain the ELEMENT OF COMPANY LAW So, how could I study that portion of LAW.

    LIKE -
    Company Management Board of Directors, Managing Director, Whole- time director, Manager Etc.

    :angry-red: etc.
  • megha  - company law notes

    can u forward me the same notes on my email id - magyrose1@gmail****
  • Navin  - Very Good Notes. Thank you
    Very Good Notes. Thank you for posting.

    Wish you all the best.
  • mukesh rawat
    :angry-red: its good
  • rupali  - mba 4th sem notes on direct marketing
    respected sir,

    i like ur notes on law vry much it helps us to understand our syllabus . sir it will be ur great help if u provide me notes on direct marketing i m unable to find it from anywhere if i cant get these notes i cant crack my exam .

    thank you sir
  • Anonymous
    Namastay ,

    i am from hyderabad sindh, practissioner of law , sir ur web site is very useful, sir i practicing civil, rent and family law kindly send me more useful notes pls. gmmalak@hotmail****
  • Tirunagari Venkat Dayanand  - Thank U
    Thank you for Company Law
  • deep  - reg. notes
    pls add answer of all above que of company law

    we are awaited ur reply

  • f k pathan  - thank you !
    thank you sir/mam for your help
  • Adv.Ganesh bhingare
    Respected sir,
    hi, can u help me for the sending the notes for the humanright subject..
  • Raghav  - Thankin u..
    Thank u so much sir.. for the above notes..
  • Nitin Kumar  - Requiredment of Notes

    Thanks Sir
    can u forward me the same notes on my email id - nitin131981@gmail****
  • dev sinha  - Economic Laws / General Laws and compliences
    May u please guide as how to prepare for CS-Executive level examination ...specially for the above two papers....kindly pass the necessary informations to be carried on
  • dev sinha
    Sir, can u please s***est me how to prepare for Company accounts and cost and management accounting for CS-Executive level examination.........also s***est the list of good books for the same
  • dev sinha  - company accounts / cost and management accountin
    please provide possible notes for cost and management accounts
  • Anonymous
    greatn useful notes but the important topic ,i.e, winding up is missing
  • naveen tanwar  - llb notes
    Respected Sir, I have always found your notes very systematic and helful in so far as my LLB is concerned. Kindly post or e-mail me LLB 2nd year notes on the following subject:

    (1) Contract-II (Specific contracts)
    (2) Family Law-I (Hindu Law)
    (3) Family Law-II (Mohammedan Law)
    (4) Administrative Law
    (5) Company Law
    (6) Labour Law & Industrail Relations
    (7) Property Law & Easement
    (8) Trusts, Equity & Fiduciary Relation
  • pratika  - notes
    Respected sir ur notes is so good nd systematic sir plz provide a notes for property law nd easement,patnership sales of goods act,administrative law,insurance law
  • Samad  - Hi Sir, if you have the material for the below su
    Hi Sir, if you have the material for the below subject . please mail me (1) Contract-II (Specific contracts) (3) Family Law-II (Mohammedan Law) (4) Administrative Law (5) Company Law
  • nikita  - law notes
    can i get law notes of maintainance
  • Vikas Patel
    How could I get the answers for these questions?
  • pratika  - notes
    sir plz give me cummercial law and insurance law notes
    Dear sir/mam

    I appreciate ur help for providing sample paper of judicial service. kindly help me because i didn't find any site from where i can easily take out the question paper of bihar judicial service exam. kindly provide bihar judicial service exam paper of any year so that i can download it from your site. I shall be highly thank ful to you
  • Anonymous
    thanks alot Sir..
  • Anonymous
    forward my id vikasjswl4@gmail****
  • dhaarna  - im unable to open ur notes ....plz help me out
    plz help me out ..im unable to access ur notes
  • muhammad iqbal  - aslam o alikum sir i need notes
    Aslam o Alikum sir ... i am iqbal from pakistan student of llb part 2 in punjab univeristy lahore .... kindly send me notes i want to study
  • Anonymous
    Dear Sir, plz send these notes to my email id pleae i m very thankfull to you . my email id is khuranaarsh@yahoo**** THANK YOU
  • swarnika pandey
    sir plz help me i want cj solved question papers
    plz help me
  • neha
    sir plz
    i need notes for company accounts ,cost &management accounting
  • shevy agnihotri
    :angry-red: sir in this study material of company law notes the topic is missing that is winding up of the company so plz include it........
  • sonal

    can u forward me the same notes of constitutional law and company law on my email id:singhrajputsonal5@gmail****
  • Neha Bhartiya  - Notes on Administrative Law
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    If you have received notes on Administrative Law. CAn you please share it with me on my email id bhartiya_neha@yahoo****
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    Dear Sir, Please send me on my e-mail the notes for the LLB II 2nd Semester.
    1. Company LAw,
    2. Human Rights and Public Intl Law.
    3. Arbitration and ADRs
    4. Criminology and Penology.
  • vikash srivastava  - company law
    company law
  • Anonymous
    These notes are very helpful to understand the topics
  • Anonymous  - 2013 Act
    Please take some pain to amend the sections in accordance with the Companies Act 2013 and also include the new provisions which will be helpful to the student community as a whole.

    Thank you
  • abdul  - your pleasure
    useful,quantitative aswellas qualitative notes
  • kalyani  - mindblowing
    :D really this notes is very useful for law student.thank u very much.
  • VinU  - Great Work

    U r great work and read this notes.
  • Anonymous
    are these notes in accordance wrt companies act 2013.
  • Samad
    Hi Sir, if you have the material for the below subject . please mail me (1) Contract-II (Specific contracts) (3) Family Law-II (Mohammedan Law) (4) Administrative Law (5) Company Law
  • Anonymous
    Good Notes..well structured nicely given..lot of information easily understandable..
  • Garv Mittal  - Nice notes
    Sir please add answer of these question.......!!!!

  • K.V.Harshitha Raj  - S***estions regarding the book to be referred
    Sir, I am a law-student studying in 6th Semester of 5 years Law course. Please s***est me a book to be referred so that I could cover all the topics of Company Law syllabus as provided by Karnataka State Law University. Please s***est me how to answer a 16 marks question what my answer should contain while answering. How should I solve a problem given for 10 marks ? Please s***est me what should be the highlights of my answer ? Thank You,
  • khushi
    sir i m confused is saal company law m kon sa act aagya 1956 ya 2013 :sleep:
  • andama ams  - kindly forward me the notes
    kindly forward me notes on company law
  • andama ams  - kindly send me the company law notes
    kindly send me the company law notes
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