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Banking Law - By Meenakshy Natesan PDF Print E-mail
Written by Hanumant's Law Journal   
Saturday, 14 August 2010 17:07

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(Contributed by Meenakshy Natesan This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

1. Explain the origin & development of banking in India.
2. What are the objectives & achievements of bank nationalization in India?
3. State the argument for & against nationalization.
4. What are the main functions of banks?
5. Who is a banker and customer? Explain the general relationship between banker & customer. OR The relation between a banker and a customer is that of a debtor and a creditor. Explain.
6. Explain the special relationship between banker & customer. OR What is the special relationship arising out of general relationship between a banker and a customer. OR What are the rights and obligations of a banker towards a customer?
7. What are the obligations of a banker?
8. Explain the banker’s right of general lien.
9. What are the circumstances under which a disclosure by banker is justified? OR Banker’s duty of secrecy is not absolute. Explain.
10. Who are the banker’s special customers? Explain the precautions to be taken by the banker in opening and operating their accounts.
11. What are the functions of commercial banks?
12. What are the functions of the Reserve Bank of India?
13. Explain the management, powers and constitution of the Reserve Bank of India.
14. Explain the role of Reserve Bank in economic development.
15. In what way does the Reserve bank exercise control over the commercial banks?
16. Explain the Reserve bank’s licensing function.
17. Write a short of Regional Rural Banks
18. Write a note on Central Co-operative banks.
19. What are the advantages & disadvantages of unit & branch banking?
20. What are the differences between schedule & non-schedule banks?
21. What are the rights of a banker against surety?What are the precautions to be taken by the banker?
22. Explain the concepts of guarantee & indemnity
23. What are the precautions to be taken by the banker in the case of hypothecation?
24. What are the differences between lien & hypothecation?
25. What are the differences between hypothecation & pledge?
26. Write a note of secured & unsecured loans
27. Write a note on fixed deposits
28. Write a note on current account
29. Write a note on savings bank account
30. Write a note on recurring account.
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  • Madhan  - INFRINGEMENT OF (C)
    The notes provided by Avinash Balakrishna and Meenakshy Natesan purely a copyright violation.

    1. LLB student have only minimal knowledge of the subject irrespective of talent.
    2. “Avinash says in comment section – he would like to post scanned question papers and notes. Dated “2010-07-04 16:19:34” according your site.
    3. Which clearly says – his intention is to scan the documents and submitting to you, which is clearly a copyright violation according Indian copyright act 1957 and 1996.
    4. Rewriting a subject book with their own knowledge requires a professional experience, being a student they cannot.

    Any part of the subject book may not be reproduced in any form or in any means like graphic, electronic or mechanical.
    If does it is an infringement of Indian copyright act 1957 and 1996.


    B****, LLB.
  • admin
    Dear Madhan,
    Exam questions papers are in public domain. Any one can get them using RTI. So scanning them and posting is not a copyright violation.

    Regarding notes, if they have copy pasted text as it is from any book, then it is certainly a copyright violation. Otherwise, there is no violation. Whether one is a student or whether one is capable is irrelavant. If you can shows us that these are copied from any book, please let us know and we will remove them.

    thank you!
  • manzoor ull hassan  - great minds give great
    if every one would be great of greatminds what will be the total ratio
    of law and order in the society of ourr country


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  • Manohar
    i am preparing for junior judge post, i am looking for matireal, please send
  • Pravin Barange  -  Very Informative site ...
    Dear Sir

    This is one of the most interesting and informative site I have ever seen .
    Thanks for this site.

    Pravin Barange
    M Tech LLM MBA
  • Sowmya  - Informative & Helpful site

    This site is very useful and very informative to a student and to all !!!!!
    I thank to concerned person(s).
    Who are the banker’s special customers? Explain the precautions to be taken by the banker in opening and operating their accounts.

    Dear Sir,

    Kindly advise if a bank standard board resoluiton form duly filled in by company directors would be acceptable as the company's resolution in a court of law should there be a dispute.

  • adv.gurchal  - Refer to This book
    Dr. S.R. Myneni's "Law of Banking" this book will help you.

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    Hi, I m a student of 5yr BA.,BL(Hons) . i need some help for Banking and Insurence. can i get some material for these two subjects.

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  • Anonymous
    :D Thank u for giving information about banking law
  • Anonymous
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  • b.SrekanthRao  - Really Effective Site
    I can say a special thanks to the creator of this site....
  • Renuga.c
    :D thanks...it is very useful but my kind s***estion is that include relevant case laws
  • sudipta roy
    banking law
  • sudipta roy
    sir, i am a llb student, i want the banking law note please send.
  • radha  - thanks
    thanks for helping students like me by providing notes and creating an interest in Law. I am 47 yrs old hosewife , cleared LLB first year with help of ur notes which were imposible task for me earlier now am motivated to complet the LAW degree and also need notes on Transfer of Property Act and Insurance Law / some guidelines
  • shikha  - can you plz send me the note's of banking law
    can you plz send me the note's of banking law
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    hi sir i want legal regulation of economic enterprises-I mete real note
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  • adv.gurchal
    Refer to this book
    DR. S. R. MYNENI's "Law Of Banking"
  • bikini agua bendita  - Banking Law - By Meenakshy Natesan

  • Anonymous
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