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Saturday, 12 March 2011 16:52

"My LLB end semester exam result has come and I am not satisfied." "I failed to get passing marks." "I answered all the questions well but still my marks are so low, what did I do wrong?" "How do I pass LLB exams?"

Does this sound familiar? Believe me, you are not alone. I get these questions every now and then. Here is what you should do:

1. If your University has a procedure to obtain a copy of your answer sheet, follow that procedure and get a copy.

2. If your University doesn't give you a copy, you can file a simple RTI application and enclose the decision of MP SIC directing the University to give a copy to the student. Here is a sample application along with the MP SIC decision.

3. Scan and send your answer sheet to us to learn whether your answer sheet was evaluated fairly. We will pay you Rs. 1000/- if you publish your answer sheets here.

In this article I wrote about my case against DAVV to get a photocopy of my answer sheets. As it turns out, during the time it took to get a decision from State Information Commission, DAVV destroyed my answer sheets so I can't get those anymore. But you can get a photocopy of your answer sheets.

If you got less marks or unsatisfactory marks, let me tell you that it may not necessarily be your fault. Most of the time, the fault is with the arbitrary evaluation procedure of your University and my goal is to highlight this problem that students face every day every where. My goal is to create awareness among students that their precious time and energy is being wasted by sheer callousness of University authorities. Remember, if you don't speak up, if you don't rise up, if you don't demand anything, you will never get anything.

 If you need any help, financial or otherwise, let us know.

-Adv. Hanumant Deshmukh
Comments (56)
  • jayagrandhi  - Very Good Issue
    Hi Sir,

    Really i appreciate this Issue, even so many students are facing this Problem...If its succeed as you prescribed, its very helpful to all students not only Law students..its applies to all others also.

    Thank you,

  • Varun Pratap singh  - Arbitrary evaluation
    Hi Sir

    First of all MY HEARTIEST THANKS TO YOU for this revolutionary website. It is one of the pillars for my law exams' preparation & exposure to reality.
    Sir, I very well agree with the article. I secured Gen. Rank 1 in Law entrance of MJP Rohilkhand Univ entrance exam, getting 9/10 marks in every internal marking, attended lectures, yet I failed in Contracts-1 !!
    I have studied RK Bangia's book & my answers were based upon your notes, but all I have is a Red mark-sheet.
    I filed an RTI aplication on 15 June, but am still awaiting response.
    Please guide..

    Thank You very much for your kind efforts.
  • admin
    Dear Varun,
    If you filed RTI application on Jun 15th, you should have received a response by Jul 15th. If you haven't, you should make a first appeal to the VC of your Universtiy as soon as possible and if even that is denied appeal to MP SIC. Make sure you include the MP SIC decision (posted in the above article) with your appeals.

    Don't lose hope. You will get a copy of your answer sheet, which you can show to your professors to see if it was evaluated correctly. If not, you can file a writ petition in HC.

    Adv. Hanumant Deshmukh
  • Varun  - Gratitude
    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your kind & timely advice.
    I shall definitely adhere to it.

  • Majid  - Unfair Fair Checking of answer sheet
    Dear Sir,

    I am a student of Mumbai University (F.Y.LLB) 2010-11
    Failed in Sem - I exams (Contract - I and Labour Laws).
    Applied for photo-copy of answer papers and re-appeared.
    Received photocopies after the re-exam results.

    Please guide if any action possible to get revaluation done as I feel fair marks were not given.

    Thanks and Regards
  • Sachin Randive  - Appreciation & Acceleration
    Hi All,

    Today I feel myself more lucky than anyone else in aspect of finding good folks around
    Let me also have the pleasure to express the deepest gratitude towards the owner & creator for their hard-work & true dedication which they truly deserve to be the best

    Infact bymistakenly I came across this webpage which was successful in persuading & contributing the vast knowledge of individual & importance
    Not only the language, but also the content the art and more over the concept which certainly does not hide the great vision behind it

    Thankyou to the creation team & especially the dreamer of this concept

    Thankyou very much

    Sachin Randive,Pune

  • angle  - i m just a school student
    i did soo good in my exams..but still i gt such bad marks...i m a good student i don't what went wrong and u know wht from now i deactivate my fb account and i want to study wht should i do for it.i think good no more exist
  • puneet jain
    der sir,

    I am 3rd year of intergrated b.a.llb(hons.) from amity university.The attitudue of my university is vry rigid and unsustanible some times.they all focused about 75%attendence at any cost nor they accept any any medical evidence or listen any family problem. They first debar students from giving examination and then they impose year back on students.perusual of marksheet also done on discrminstion basis.students who hold god relations with faculty always good marks. It become so frustating. Giving such a huge amount of fee sometimess feel usless.what action we can take against such private universites. ?.
  • K
    I am also from Amity University.....friend there's nothing we can do....all that they're concerned is about demanding exorbitant sums of money and not listening to students pleas when it's really important that they shud do so.....
  • raizen  - marks
    Can someone plz tell me how the sem end results will be reflected in certificates when the law course is compleated. what certificates do we get apart from the degree that reflect these marks.
  • Anonymous
  • Greeshma Rai
    Respected Sir,

    I am a student of Mangalore University and have secured 2nd Rank in Bachelors of Academic Law. In my 8th Semester, two of my papers were undervalued and hence I put both for revaluation. I got the answer sheets photocopied and I was told by my concerned lectureres that I deserve atleast 25 to 30 marks more. But when the results of reval came, I had further lost marks. Though I have copies of the answer sheet, there is nothing I can do though I know I deserve better marks. The Registrar (Eval) has nothing else to say other than "Theres nothing I can do". We were told that more often than not, papers are sent to professors who dont teach the same subject which leads to undervaluation.Thought of filing a writ but was discouraged. Sad educational system indeed!

  • avinash  - results........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hi guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....i'm too facing the same prob don't know wt's going wrong with the evaluators....
  • annonymous  - my problem
    really itoo face the same prob :angry-red: actually my paper was very easy i dono hw do i fail!!!! i planned or applyin reevaluation wit photocopy hopin tat i ll clear my paper ... i really agreee!!!! will the amount paid will be refunded once its confirmed tat i pass??? plss do answer my ques sir??? :( :angry:
  • peer mohamed
    may i attent the exam in 5 times but i get in 5 paper so what reson
  • lata anand
    U r grt sir.ur notes really helped me nd my frnds alot.thank u sir
  • tarun pant
    thanx u are doing such a fantastic job could you provide me the important questions of ll.b. 3 years 2 nd semester of lucknow university . if u have any please mail it on tarunpant30@gmail****
  • misti das  - got result but not satisfied with the marks
    i got my result of first semester last month...got 62% but i have an issue with my subject marks i got comparatively less marks in family law I ..i wanted to re evaluate the concerned paper but didn't... i was scared if there would a big issue or the other things like cancellation of my admit card or registration for the upcoming one... i am a average student came kolkata after completing my H.S from delhi. sir pls guide me about my problem...i don't want to be in a trouble of any kind. i just want to complete my llb.
  • MANISHA  - plz give mi l.l.b fist year family law notes
    plz sir
  • Santosh  - How to pass LLB exam

    Please follow the below s***estion if you want to crack L.L.B exam in mumbai university.

    1. Please complete all the 12 marks and short notes question from the mumbai university paper. This will cover the 60% of the syllabus.

    2. For the people who do only study at the last moment. Please prepare the bullet points and right the answer based on this bullet points.

    3. For 12 marks question, Length of answer should be minimum 4.5 pages (front & back = 2 pages) and 5 marks question it should be 2.5 pages (front & back = 2 pages)

    4. Go through Problem & answer section of the last 4 four year.

    5. Try to answer the at least 8 correct answer from the 2 marks answer. This is the area where u get most marks.

    6. Attempt all the question and note that answer sheet give to should be all filled. Atleast 32 pages should be filled with answer. short the area of answer sheet by putting border on one side.

    7. Refer both mokal and javbhala. Reference to Javbhala should be done for 12 & 5 marks answer to get the point which is simple to write and remember therby making the answer big.

    Note- This is my general opinion and not hard and fast rule.

  • Santosh  - 1st Point
    for the 1st point : Complete the previous 4 yeas question papers
  • alisha  - urgently need 2014 question paper set of sem 3
    please some one provide me sem 3 question papers set 2014 latest of l.l.b mumbai university . its urgent dec 1 st it is gng to start.
  • Anonymous
    Because of some region I could not attend my law exam under Karnataka law university.from two years this is 6th sem.Now I want to attend exam from next semester its possible to attend exam.
  • Anonymous
    Sir, now I am studying in 6th semester of 5 years law course and I had done all the subjects very well in my previous semester. In Indian Penal Code I had attended all the questions and written all the relevant case-laws still I have scored only 40 marks. I am very dis-appointed by this. How should I answer Administrative law and Property law papers this time. Please I am need of your help. I am aspired to score First class marks in all my upcoming semesters. Please help me how to answer problems and essay-type questions in the examination. How to manage my time to attend all the questions. Please guide me about what are the contents that my answer should contain?. Please help me out sir. Thank You.
  • ppn  - how to secure 80%
    I got 71% and 70% ..71% in three semesters at present I am preparing for 4th semester. I would like to know for 15marks questions and for 6 marks questions how many words we should write or papers. I would like know for 6 marks questions ..what should be the pattern and case laws..plz clarify my doubt. After sincere efforts I could not able to secure 80%. Kindly guide me.

  • Anonymous
    For Pune University 3rd year of LLB can I send the photocopies to you for your opinion? Cr P C and 2nd yr. Jurisprudence?
    It will be great if you can support me.
  • rajat khanna  - law answer sheets not properly evaluated in pune u

    i am student of 4th BSL.LL.B. in ILS LAW COLLEGE ,PUNE. my answersheets of transfer of property act and arbitration are not being properly evaluated for last few years.i am really humiliated by the university and planning to quit .i have really written good answers.

    i would be thankful if you could help me out and i assure that if you read the answer sheets ,your precious time wont be wasted.

  • Anonymous
    sir I got in BA .llB 2nd sem result of un satisfaction marks I know I deserve more I got totel of 299 of 1 marks I didn't get 1st class
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  • Rama Varma  - Procurement of paper
    Sir, I study in Amity university and I just got my 5th sem results. Is there anyway i can compel the institution to show me my paper. They have failed me in a subject which was legal literacy which seems to be impossible. I dont want that to reflect on my results. So sir I kindly request you to help me please.
    Thanking you
    Rama Varma
  • Anonymous
    How to upload my answer sheet of Eng paper of LL.B 1st year. I have got the copy through RTI. University has given marks without correcting the copies.
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