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Written by Hanumant's Law Journal   
Friday, 18 September 2009 13:44

Legal formats for some common suits/matters

I am going to prepare the following formats as and when I get time. Meanwhile, if you would like to contribute a format, please do let me know!

Civil Suits

Family Matters

Criminal Matters

Matters of Conveyance

Other Matters

Comments (114)
  • Abhijit Vaidya  - Second Year Student
    Well rather now I think its time for me to write to you Dear Hanumant, since last year (thats my First Year of LLB), I am going through your notes and find it very much useful. Though I did not copy paste the material, will have to admit that it was very much useful in understanding our Laws.

    But one thing I wanted to tell you that sometimes there are mistakes rather in the grammer.

    This year I aim to be at the top and its where ur notes and bare acts come into help.

    But here under University of Pune, we have to write answers in the Synoptical manner for the broad questions. Of course one who understands law can do it very easily.

    Now about my background, I am 43 yrs of age and a computer professional turning into a Lawyer. What I feel is there is no awareness in the minds of the students about what they are learning, they are very poor in English, to be precise. How they are going to survive in the cut throat competition, I really wonder.

    I feel that I may be of some help to your forum.


  • Anonymous

    I agree with u......
  • admin
    Dear Mr Abhijit,
    Thank you for writing. It is great to know that people like you are entering the field of law.
    I agree that there may be all kinds of errors in the material. It would be a great help if you let us know about those errors so that we can fix it. This will certainly help other fellow students.
    Also, regarding pattern of your university, if you have developed some sample answers to some questions, you may submit them to us and we will put it up on the website. Pune Univ. students (and others also) will be grateful to you for that.
    If you need any other help from us, please do let us know.
  • Satheeshkumar Jogaraju  - Satheesh Legal Associates
    thank you sir U R giving wonderful and valuable information for new legal practitioners
  • Ankita Tiwari
    thank u Mr. Hanumant,
    m so helpless about legal formats but ur formats really helps me,
    thank u so much
    keep going nd gr8 work
  • Navin Dhongadi  - thanks
    thanks for providing the acts and formats
  • Rajashri Dhande  - give me detail information about judicial service
    i am final year student of LL.B waited for results.
    plz. give me latest judicial service exam date and how to prepare for this exam?

    plz help me.
  • shivi sethi  - thanking you
    thank you so much for ur tremndous efforts. it helps us alot.
  • Jyotishwar Bhosale  - wake up guys
    I am sorry to say but we Indians never care if we get some thing for free. We feel as if it carries no value. come on Abhijit if you had paid few pennies to this info you would have never said theirs a error in that. We have info handy but we don't prefer using it. I really feel sad for Indian lawyers. Even I am Indian. But fact is fact. As of Maharashtra we all say Shivaji Maharaj must take rebirth. For what he must take rebirth??? Dont we have that guts to move on and bring around a good change. .....any ways......

    Nice info Hanumant. felt nice surfing your site. nice Inputs.

  • Thulasi  - Thankyou
    hello sir,

    iam very happy to the information of the law

    plese i want becoma a junior civil judge but i feel to how to prepare i want somemeterail how can proced

    iam leaving in ATP (AP)

  • anand
    Dear Mam,

    You can get many publishers books or materials for preparation of examination of judicial officers. you can get universal series books at all leading law book stores. upkar's study material is also very much useful for both preliminary and written tests. i think the material prepared by bar council of india for AIBE Examination is also very much useful to achive your goal.

    i wish you all the very best for your future.

  • v sudhakar
    dear hanumant ji
    this is sudhakar from chennai, i graduated in civil engg and have experience of 10 yrs. i m very much interested in law. this year i want to join llb in andhra.i hope i will study llb with much interest. i need your wishes.
  • anand  - wishes
    All the very best
  • sudhir kumar bharadwaj
    good morning sir sir iam a student of class 11th and my aim is to do L.L.B. can yougive me some advise about this as what is law and how can i get prepare for this and which things are helpful for me in the study i mean i don't know nothing about this plz send me reply as soon thankyou
  • Saiprasad Bakhare  - Regarding your advertise of Earn up to 5000
    Dear Sir,

    Nice to see the web site of your Hanumantas Law journal.I want to give a question papers.I am pre law student of Shivaji University,Kolhapur.Now I am in 5th year that is last year.We have Semister pattern and after 2005 that was started.Now i will mail you all question papers that is :

    3rd year : 8 Subject- 10 Que papers of Each subject i.e. 80 papers.
    4th year : 10 Subject-10 Que papers of Each subject i.e. 100 papers.
    5th year : 8 Subject -10 Que papers of Each subject i.e. 80 papers.

    So total I will mail you 260 papers.According to your advrtise that is (Earn up to Rs. 5000/-) when you will pay the money and how?I have account in ICICI Bank can you tranfer on that?

    Reply soon i will wait and that is great opportunity to earn amount to students like us.


    Saiprasad Bakhare
  • ravinder kumar  - execution decree
    Please tell me how to draft a execution decree......................
  • Vidya John  - Thank you.
    Dear Hanumant,

    I am working as an Inspector with Customs & Excise, Mumbai. I have a Masters degree in Business Management and am currently reading Law (1st year, 2nd Sem). This site has provided me with a lot of valuable insights and I thank you for the notes and formats.

    Best wishes

    Vidya R John

  • Nishant kumar  - changing of the education system
    dear sir,
    your wise act of making education free for the public being not a statutory entity is quite effective and what makes your site unique is you are paying to the public which motivates to learn and which is evidence of philanthropic activity .
  • sheetal  - jmfc exam 2011 in mumbai
    hello hanumant,

    i am an advocate practising at mumbai high court. i want to know when are the jmfc exams due for 2011. i have a second class in my LLB. and have more than 3 years experience. can you guide me with the syllabus and question paper set.

  • Vasudev R C
    Hi Hanumant Ji,

    I retired in 2009 from a Senior Executive Post of a top Public Sector Bank and have foreyed into Legal Profession on the basis of Law Degree that I had aquired way back in 1975. I happen to come accrose your site and have found it to be very inovative and useful.

    Now my point is 'Can I have any association with you keeping in view my Banking background?'

    Thanks & regards
  • admin
    Respected VasudevJi,
    Sure, you may contribute to the site for the betterment of other law students and professionals by writing articles on current legal issues. I am sure with your experience, your articles will be very useful.

    thank you,
    Adv. Hanumant Deshmukh
  • shubhangi patil
    we are very thankful to you for providing such a wonderful information on law. i really appreciate that you are helping the people who are interested in law field without expecting anything from them.

    great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • rohit
    thank u so much sir this is very helpful for everyone ............. mindblowing really such great efforts... god bless u
  • Amol Choubal  - LLM advice

    I am Amol Choubal resident of Kalyan wish to pursue LLM from any university in Maharashtra

    I have Scored very less marks in my 3rd year LL.B general

    Kindly advise me which college is the most suitable College where i can take admission for LLM where i can easily take admission

    Amol Choubal
  • K.Mahender Reddy  - Thanks............................................
  • Anonymous
    I have 50% in LLB Sir can i do llm.If yes from were in rajasthan. Please help me.
  • siddhant shetty
    sir, i wanted pil suit format
  • ganesh kamath  - format of application of civil n criminal nature b
    I am completing my 3rd year of LLB. I want to know the formats of application in criminal and civil side in small cause court (civil)) , Magistrate Court Jr/ Sr (Criminal) , civil court and session court and in High Court. i wouid be grateful to you
  • Anonymous
    Dear Hanumant,

    can you please help in drafting reply by a husband to application made by wife u/s 125 for maintenance
  • naseer ahmad  - decided cases of patent,trade marks,copywrite, dru
    Respected dear, m a fresh graduate and start my career as a practising lawyer at distract and session court... your given decieded cases/precedent help me while handling the cases espacially the above mentioned. i got alot of help from your above given farmats,notes,decieded cases etc,, so please help me through my E-mail and sent me some more decided cases as well..... i will be very thankful...
  • Harimohan Namdev  - Sir Good Efforts
    Dear sir thank you on behalf of all beneficiary form this source of information,

    and congratulations to maintain good label of knowledge and information
  • K. Jayakaran  - I am studying LLB 5 years course in the K.K.C. Col
    K. Jayakaran, LLB 5 years
  • K. Jayakaran  - L L B 5 years 2010-2015
    I K. Jayakaran, are studying L L B 5 years in the K. K. C. College of Law,Puttur,A.P.State in the batch of 2010-2015. I will be writing the 4th semester on june/july,2012. So you are kindly requested to send the materials/notes to the address is given below : 111/54, suba complex, suite no.3, A.P.Road, choolai, chennai-600112
  • Anonymous
    i am m****,ca-pcc 1st group +3 and half years of articleship experience. I am completing my remaing ca course steps.
    sir, i am planning to persue LLB. i need your guidance about how can i succeed by law degree to improve socio-political and economic development of poorest of poor, human rights and justice and equal opportunity to all and national integration and peace in india.
    i am interested in law.
    Please give your valuable s***estions that what are the skills i should gain and practice during my law studies for the above said mission.

    Thanking you,

    yours faithfully,
  • Abhishek Mishra  - motivational site for the law stream
    dear sir,
    i do practice in High court and am looking for any site for legal drafting , your site have presented tremendous information and have systematic guidance about legal drafting.
    my best wishes with u.
    thanks a lot
    Ad. Abhishek mishra
  • priyanka dagar
    hello sir!
    i have just completed my 1st year and have interned at district court for last 3 months where i learnt and wrote a lot of civil complaints regarding 138 N.I act and other civil matters. i want to share those formats with every1 and apart from that, i have prepared brief notes regarding various topics like section 138 N.I act, Order 37 ,etc so that any non-legal person can also get an idea of the basics of these topics. can i mail them to u so that u can go through them and decide if they will be useful or not??
  • Mona  - Legal format of legal notice of Consumer forum

    I can contribute in the format of legal notice of consumer forum. Let me know how could I submit. Also, I would appreciate monetary benefits for this and later submissions, which would be in the form of moot court memorials and legal articles.
  • Sanjeev Barak  - bail authroty in 307
    sir,? ?mera ek client 27.5.12 se custody mai hai. Sec 307 120 B hai. uske against alligation sirf disclouser statement of co-accused hai. And he is a student of Electronic Engineer final year. Latest bail authority batane ke kirpa kare.thankyou

  • Ritesh S. Khanna  - Format to file application against Asst. Police In
    Dear Sir,
    Please i would like to know the drafting format to make an application to magistrate court against the API for deliberately refusing to register my F.I.R. in cognizable offence in view of Forgery documents and also threatening life of others due to illegal construction carried out without the required plans and permission of the concern building authority.
    Your s***estion will be very appreciable and helpful to me.
    Thank You.

  • Ritesh S. Khanna  - Format to file application to magistrate court
    Dear sir,
    i would also like to bring to your kind notice to my above message snet to you that the said illegal construction is carried out by developer and not that API,API has deliberately provoked me and harassed me with refusing to register my F.I.R. in this regard also the application is already made to DCP of the concern area and still awaiting for reply/action to be made against this errant officer.please help me.
  • Rajesh Singh
  • Jitendra Talota  - Drafting of Pleadings And Convencing Format
    Dear Sir,
    Plz give me a Format/suit of Drafting of Pleadings nd Convencing.
    (1) Declaratory Suit For Injuction
    (2) Recover Suit For Rs-50000/-
    (3) Reply of The Unpaid Rent
    (4) Applecation under sec.11 of Arbitration And Conciliation
    (5) Writ Of Mandamus Under Art.226 Of Indian Constitution Law
    (6) Writ of certiory under art. 226 of '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
    (7) Affidevit in support of amendment of the pleadings
    (8) Proceding For implimention of Arbitration award.
    (9) Stay of the excution proceding under sec.5 ord. 41 of C.P.C
    (10) COmplaint under for consumer protection act-1986
    (11) Reply of complaint file under consumer protection act.
    (12) Maintanance application under sec.125 of CrPC
    (13) Complaint Under sec. 420 of IPC
    (14) Appeals under sec 324 Of IPC
    (15) Deed of Retiertment of Partner
    (16) Deed Of Mortgage Rs. 50000/-
    (17) Rent Note ( Monthly Rs.2000/-)
    (18) Partnership Deed
    (19) Promissiory Note
    (20) Deed of Adoption
    (21) Special Power Of Attorny
    (22) Trust Deed for education purpose
    (23) Lease Deed.
  • Prasad R. P. S  - Helpful website for students
    Sir, You please email me the suit of negotiable instrument format if you are free and available with u. I will be grateful to you
  • Prasad R. P. S  - Drafting matter
    Sir, I want a format application of restoration of conjugal right of civil matter under hindu marriage petition
  • syed ishfaq  - civil suit applications
    sir i need format of diiferent appliactions to be filed in civil suits
  • namrata  - other formats in civil, criminal and corporate mat
    Sir thanx for the above formats, i would like to learn more from you and expect that you will help me out for being a good lawyer. i m also preparing for PCS(j) exam and othr exams related to law feild like APO and law officer in bank..
    therefore i want to be a lawyer who knows every matter related to law, i hope you will cooperate. :D
  • Anonymous
    hi sir,

    i an looking for formate of suit of infringment and passing off.

    do needful for the same.


  • hardik.s.joshi  - formate of infringment and passing off
    hi sir,

    i am looking for the format of the suit of infringment and passing off.

    do needful with the same.

    advocate, ahmedanbad
  • sadhana  - Format of Summons

    I have to submit an Application for writ of summons but i m confused what to fill in summons draft. Already i have made a draft of summons to answer plaint under Sec.27, but the Clerk of City civil court bombay said have to prepare a summons. I have one question - should I write down the matters - of what purspose plaintiffs file a suit against the defendants in the summons or anything else. Please s***est me and send me a format of summons.
  • Anonymous
    i am new lawyer , we face some problems from the very first day in front of the court is there is any book of court proceedings, to know the procedure of courts for new lawyer
  • indranil saha  - court proceedings book
    i am new lawyer , we face some problems from the very first day in front of the court is there is any book of court proceedings, to know the procedure of courts for new lawyer
  • T.P.Kakkar  - proceedure and application format for Bail u/s 138
    Please provide me the application format, bail bond, surety etc and the proceedure for bail in the case u/s 138
  • sakshi gupta  - sample divorce petition
    i am a law student.
    please provide a format for a divorce petition on the ground of renunciation of the world by husband.

  • Manoj Pallod  - Whether the injunction can be sought in a suit for
    I am law officer of a agri. base industry. Some nasty persons are tarnishing the image of the company before the govt. authority and in public general and asking for monetary reliefs in terms of compensation, which is their illegal demand. I want to send them a notice to restrain their acts and also likely to file a suit for defamation. Can we seek injunction in a suit for defamation. If you can provide me a draft, I shall be very grateful.
  • sunnidhi  - urgent !!!!
    Dear sir,

    I am a student of law and am clueless regarding the following and i kindly need a verified answer for my problem...

    1) Does suit possession refer to suit for immovable/movable property and kindly give a format for it.

    2) A format for money suit.

    Please reply to this problem of mine as reply as possible... as I have to attend a competition on drafting.... Revert at the earliest
  • Anonymous
    Really helpful.
    Sachin patil
  • Ranjita Biswas  - Comment
    Thanks for providing this formats and acts.
  • jaswant singh  - regards
    thanx for providing too usefull information....
  • sanjay garg  - formats required
    please provide the following requirements:

    1. Application under S.24 of Hindu Marriage Act
    2. Application for Maintenance under 125 Crpc
    3. Election petition
    4. Election Petition Appeal
    5. Suit for Recovery
    6. COmplaint under for consumer protection act-1986
    7. Reply of complaint file under consumer protection act.
    8. Declaratory Suit For Injuction
    9.Stay of the excution proceding under sec.5 ord. 41 of C.P.C





  • Anonymous
    where are the written statements?



  • manish modi  - s***estion
    plz ........
    update this site regularly plz.........
    ur site is very famous if u work hard and load new formats and drafting of cases....
    and u must upload written arguments
  • manish modi
    BAIL BOND( Format)
    FORM NO.45
    (Section 436, 437, 438 (3) and 441Cr.P.C.)
    In the Court of Shri _______________________________________
    Police Station: Next date of hearing _____________
    F.I.R. No. :
    Under Section: Sent to Jail on _____________
    Bail Bond
    I, _________________________ son of Shri
    Resident of
    having been arrested or detained without warrant by the officer incharge of
    ________________________ Police Station for having been brought before this
    Hon’ble Court charged with the offence of ________________________ and
    required to give surety for my attendance before such Officer or Court on
    condition that I shall attend such officer or Court on every day on which any
    investigation or trial is held with regard to such charge and in case of my making
    default there in I hereby bind my self to forfeit to Government the sum of Rs
    _______________ .
    DATED: Signature
    I ___________________________ son of Shri __________________________
    Resident of _______________________________________________________
    hereby declare myself for the above said Shri ____________________________
    that he shall attend the officer-in-charge of ______________________________
    Police Station or the Court of Shri ____________________________________
    every day on which any investigation in the charge is made or any trial on such
    charge is held that he shall be and re-appear before such officer or Court for the
    purpose of such investigation to answer the charge against him (as the case may
    be) and in the case of his making default herein I have bind myself to forfeit to
    Government the sum of Rs. __________ .
    Dated this _______________ day of _____________ 200___.
    1. __________________
    2. __________________
    Memorandum of Appearance
    Memorandum of Appearance
    In the Court of __________________________________________________
    In Re
    The undersigned is appearing in the above case on behalf of
    He has been authorized to appear by _________________________________.
  • manish modi

    In the Court of Sessions Judge, ………………...

    State of Punjab VS …………… etc.
    (FIR No….., dated 12-07-2008, U/S.308/393/511/34 of IPC, read with section 25/54/59 of Arms Act, P.S……………)

    APPLICATION for exemption of personal appearance of the applicant/accused …….. Singh for today.
    It is submitted as under: -
    1. That the above said case is pending in this Hon’ble Court and is fixed for today.
    2. That the counsel for the applicant has received a telephonic message to the effect that the applicant Gurpreet Singh is unable to attend the Hon’ble Court today, as the applicant is suffering from illness and is confined to bed due to very cold weather. Hence this application.
    3. That the non-appearance of the applicant in the case for today is neither intentional nor willful; rather, it is due to the above said reason.
    It is, therefore, prayed that the application of the applicant may kindly be accepted and his personal appearance for today may kindly be exempted in the interest of justice.
    Dated: 04-01-2010. Submitted by: -
    Gurpreet Singh.
    Applicant. ------------

    Through Counsel:
  • vrishank kashyap  - education law;-- school made a late fine 90,000
    school made a late fine 90,000 is there any law so that we will get relief sir plz
  • shashi kant chaturvedi  - pls send me a divorce is not complet but befor wom
    sir my clinet have a one son 1.2years . shes husband last 5 month out of house no any type of helping and not giving any expence flat maintenance , daily expences. so pls send me a strong drafting formate
  • Manna  - Entry Age for 3 years LLB
    Dear Hanumant ji,
    First of all thank you so much for your blog which is very informative...
    Please let me know if the BCI has reviewed its decision for the entry age for 3 years LLB in India ?
    Or is it still restricted to 30 years ? Is there any chance for revival of this stand of BCI under the new govt.
  • Anonymous
    please support agreement in minors property
  • gp mahanty  - appreciation
    dear sir
    I feel it a great pleasure in appreciating your efforts to help the community. your forms and formats are of great help to persons who fight for their rights in the court of law particularly in person without the assistance of an advocate for obvious reasons.. i shall appreciate if you kindly mail me a draft petition for revisions against 125 Cr PC judgement
  • indrajeet vasantrao suryavansh
    The judicial fraternity should be proud of persons such as Shri Hanumant Deshmukh the website shall be helpful to advocates, i am practising since the year 1999 now i am partner of a Law firm Thodur Law Associates in mumbai, We specialise in Co-o. Societies matters, criminal, civil, drt, clb, company matter. Myself & our steno shri valsan gopalan have been helping junior advocates in drafting & guide them to file written submissions. There are Advocates such as Shri Dilip Shinde Professor GLC mumbai who conduct sessions, seminars for guiding Law students & advocates. Such activities should be encouraged throughout the nation.
  • Anonymous
    s***est me some book for judgment writing in judicial exams
  • Nitin Patil  - Formate for Application for demand of Case paper f
    Our case for land Acquisition is in Bombay high Court we need case paper and for that we required formate of application form for case papers.
  • mohan rawat  - very well explanation of act
    please send the requisite
  • subrato sharma  - want it act 2000 with ammdment in hindi
    Information technology act 2000 in hindi or s***ejest me which site i can download this act in hindi
  • RAJ KUMAR SINGH  - Declaritory suit for will in Uttar Pradesh
    Sir , we want to what is the facility to confirmation & varification of Will ?
    and we want to know what procedure to be adopted for execution of will after the death of will doer?
  • Anne  - form
    Thanks for sharing the information. Very helpful. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a “Power of Attorney Form ”,I found a blank form here: ****PDFfiller****
    This site also has some tutorials on how to fill it out and a few related legal documents that you might find useful.
  • D P Srivastava
    :) please s***est the format to fild a suit u/s 156(3) CrPC
  • Akhtar  - excellent
    I am second year student, this site is awesome in many ways, notes are in very easy language,understandable and up to date.
    thank you.
  • Saeed Ahmed  - Request for File of all Law Articals in detail
    Sir I m a student of LLB Plz File of all Law Articles/sections in detail
    at my mailing add . infoo7837@gmail****

    Saeed Ahmed
  • nidhi  - Proof Affidavit format need to file in district co
    Please send me the format sir.
  • nidhi  - Proof affidivat format for filing district consume
    please send me the formate
  • Satya Pattanaik  - Standard Format
    Dear Hanumanth Ji, Can you send me a format for application u/s 144 Cr.P.C. I badly need to be filed on Wednesday. Satya Pattanaik, Advocate.
  • malla reddy.sankati  - helpfull
    it is good to us
  • shamsher singh  - format help & querry
    My name is not entered in revenue entries but declaratory suit by name of my father is still in pendancy. our ancestral property was acquired by state so what remedy I can adopt to got my entitled share in HUF. my father has alos diowned to me declaration in news and court and refuge to give my share.
    I have filed S 30 LA act case and objection on award.
    what will be remedy to challanege or got my share.
    please tell
    Mahender Singh Litigant
  • megha  - complaint u/s 307 cr.p.c.
    I suppos to wrrite a complaint u/s 307 of cr.p.c. . can u please send me a format or a sample complaint of it.
    thank you,
  • Adv.Nilesh Mahure

    dear sir
    I feel it a great pleasure in appreciating your efforts to help
    the community. your forms and formats are of great help to
    persons who fight for their rights in the court of law.plz send me civil suit formats & criminal application

    Adv.Nilesh Mahure,yavatmal ( MS)
  • SATDVOCATEHEEAHKUMAR A  - modal petetion
    i want some more modal petetions
  • anonymous  - sample plaint and written statement
    Could you please send me a sample plaint and written statement for suit under section 92 cpc
  • Anonymous
    It is great pleasure in appreciating your efforts to help the law students. i was the one of the student who got benefited from your website to complete the LL.B degree. thank you very much.
  • Anonymous
    Pls write on "Replication By Plaintiff" with example
  • Anonymous
    Sir kindly send format of suit filed by finance company against his customer who is a Borrower with a view to get consent decree.
  • anuya  - reply to legal notice
    plz can you send me format of reply to legal notice as i hv to submmit it in collage
  • Anonymous
    study material llb notes provide
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  • arunesh Kumar  - format of criminal complaint u/s 420 120(b) 504 50
    I m facing so much problems to draft a criminal complaint under section 420 120B. Related to forgery mutation order by circle officer...plz help me
  • I.GANESHAN  - sent for petition model in mcop case
    pl.model form in mcop case
  • Anonymous
    The marriage of the petitioner Jamnaben Patel with Rameshbhai Patel was performed
    on 16/6/2004 after undergoing necessary rites under the Hindu law, which was the personal law of the parties. The said marriage was also registered as required under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. However, at the time when the said marriage was perfonned, Rameshbhai's firat wife was alive and the said marriage between them was subsisting. Jamnaben stayed with Rameshbhai for a week and thereafter stayed at Rameshbhai's first wife Naniben and her mother. She alleged ill treatment and left the Rameshbhai's house. She then made an application to the magistrate under section 125 of the CR P C for maintenance. The magistrate dismissed the said application on the ground that the she was not the wife of the Rameshbhai as her marriage was null & void. Now, applicant has to approach higher authority. **** what is your reply sir
  • Anonymous
    Sir pls post the format of impound passport petition before the passport office
  • Anonymous
    I want pleading of defamation case
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