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How to submit your Articles

You may email your article to mail id

We will go through it and let you know whether it can be published or not and what, if any, compensation can be paid for it. If you want to submit question papers, please send us an email about which papers you want to submit before submitting. DO NOT EMAIL Question Papers without first confirming with us.

Please do not post messages below asking about how to submit.

Kinds of Articles

We accept the following kinds of articles for publication on this site -

1. News Commentary

A news commentary is a write up about an important event in the field of law. It could be promulgation of a new law, an amendment, or even an important Supreme Court decision.

What should it contain
Besides stating the facts of the event, additional information such as Acts/Laws involved, the history/timeline of the matter is very useful for readers. Also provide information on how it affects the rights and liabilities of people, or how it affects existing cases.

Your Opinion matters - It is through intellectual discussions that laws get refined. So your opinion (i.e. whether what happened is good/bad and why) about the event is very important. But it must be clearly marked as opinion and not as a fact.

2. Academic Articles

Academic category includes
  1. Previous year Question Papers for LLB exams
  2. Previous year Judicial Services (i.e. Civil Judge/ADPO) exams
  3. Moot Court and Seminars
  4. Articles that explain the law from an academic perspective
Question Paper submission must specify the Year and University of the exam. Also, try to include answers for the questions along with references.

3. General Purpose Articles

Articles on topics of public interests (for example, RTI, 498a, Check Bouncing, Bail etc.) belong to this category. Such articles should include, to the extent possible, simplified explanation, procedure, issues, guidelines, important features, and any other relevant material that might help a non-legal person.

Formatting Guidelines

In general, please follow these guidelines on content organization within an article -
  1. It must have a brief introduction (what the article is about) and a brief summary at the end.
  2. It should have appropriate headings/titles. If you are using MS Word, make sure that you use HEADING 1, HEADING2, and HEADING3 formatting for headings and subheadings intead of changing the font. Put appropriate numbering. This will help you in creating a Table of Contents automatically. Avoid fancy formatting.
  3. Articles must be spell checked and proof read for grammatical errors prior to submitting.
  4. Please follow these punctuation rules: one space after each period, colon, or semi-colon; Periods should be inside of quotes; When doing "..." -- you should use only 3 dots minimum and maximum; When using dashes, use two in a row, ex: "--"; There is never a space BEFORE a period or BEFORE a comma.
  5. Length/Size of the articles - It depends on the topic and category of the article. If you are submitting a LLB exam question paper without any answers, it will probabaly be only about 200 words. For an answer to a question asked in LLB exam, it should be about 500 words (about 1 A4 printed page). For a news commentary or judgement analysis, it can be anywhere between 500 to 2000 words.
  6. Biography - At the end, mention your credentials/qualifications etc.

Legal Aspects

  1. The articles that you submit must be your own work. You must be the sole copyright holder for each article you submit.
  2. Your submission to us means an implied consent to publish the article on Hanumant.com
  3. For unpaid submissions, the copyright of the article belongs to you (the author), which means that you can publish your article elsewhere as well. 
  4. For paid submissions, we get all the rights of the article. You cannot publish the article elsewhere. 
  5. We may publish your article anywhere on our website, blog, or syndicate through RSS. We may also change where it appears, including the category, at any time.

Financial Compensation

  1. Mere submission of an article to us does not entitle you for any compensation.
  2. Before writing an article, you may submit us a proposal describing the topic and contents of the proposed article. 
  3. We do provide financial compensation for quality articles. We will let you know the amount of compensation that we will pay for your article after evaluating the category, quality, and relevance. The payment varies from Rs 50/- to Rs 1000/-. 
  4. Upon payment, all the rights of the article will belong to Hanumant.com

We reserve the right to reject an article for any reason.

If you are interested, please send an email to mail id
Comments (140)
  • Palak Lotiya  - Article Submission
    Hello Sir,

    While surfing the site for lawyersclubindia**** I learned regarding the reqirement on your side for Legal Articles and am interested in working for the same.

    Prior to that I would like to introduce myself. I have completed LL.M. with Business Laws and at present am assoicated with IIM Ahmedabad as a Content Writer and also with a reputed law college in Ahmedabad as visiting lecturer. You can assess my write ups and other work on ****paycheck.in, ****womenpaycheck.in and also on palaklotiya.blog.co.in.

    I am interested in submitting legal articles, starting with the first one being on sexual harassment at workplace. But I have some query as there is no mention as to the length of the Articles.

    Please communicate back if you are interested in this proposal so that we can further work out hte things.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Palak Lotiya
  • Manoj Tiwari  - Tips to get good marks in llb exam
    Dear all,

    My Name is Manoj Tiwari. I m persuing LLB from Mjp Rohilkand University.I have completed my Ist Sem with scored of 55% now i will have to apear in 2nd Sem exam in July . Could anybody guide me the best way to attampt Question or presentation, so that i can get good mark within limited 3 hrs time. pls provide me the tips to get good marks.

    My subjects are given below:-

    1 Company Law
    2. property law
    3. mohd law
    4. contract law
    5. constitutional law

    i will be thankful for this.

    thanks & Regards'

    Manoj Tiwari
    Write answers with proper synopsis,with relevant points to the answers.Underline the points only to highlight your answers.As there is short time to check answer sheet for examiners it will help them to assess your answerbook in short time and help them to get full idea about your answer and ultimately increase your marks.

    synopsis includes following
    1) intrd
    4)sources etc.
    5)caselaws (if any)
    notesynopsis may differ from answer to answer
  • Sukumar  - Need professional Help
    Dear I Joined my 1year LLB in Karnataga I want Constitutional Law, Family law - Hindu, Criminal Law papers PDF file pls if you have send or otherwise refer me good books for the same.

    Seeking your reply .....................

    Mob: 7845690582
  • varsha
    Try to give answers with cases and mention the sections. dont write unnecessary stuff.
  • abbasi  - notes
    Hy sir u hve passd law plz help me out em topper so I need part 2 notes for help .. hopng for soon answer plz take m requxt in to considration
  • Eklare Ravi  - Request
    hi sir

    I am Eklare Ravi living from Nanded.

    plz. help me sir give me Property law notes in llb 2 yard 2 cem.

    plz. sir

  • admin
    Kindly send your contact info to the mail id mentioned on the top p this page.
  • atluri ramesh  - Answers on company law
    I want to write answers for the company law (LLB or LLM) papers
  • admin
    Sure. Kindly contact us on editor@hanumant****
  • siddharth jain  - questions relating an act ?
    India being a secular country and secular in simple words simply means a country which does not have a state religion , then why are so many act named as hindu acts eg. HINDU MARRIAGE ACT , 1955 ETC. why cant it be just Indian marriage , act . and i have another question that when the state says everyone is equal then why do we have reserver seats for SC and ST seats . i am waiting for the answer in anticipation .
    thank you
  • admin
    Dear Siddharth,
    Even though the Govt. of the country does not have a religion, the people of the country do have a religion. In one case, SC has observed that the concept of secularism in India is different. It is sarv dharm samabhava and not sarva dharm abhaav. So citizens are governed by their personal laws (which are religion based.). Now, whether this is a right approach or wrong, can be a matter of discussion. You you like, you can post your thoughts on the Forum (not as a comment here.).

    Regarding reservation, please see notes on Compensatory Discrimination to understand the logic behind it.
  • admin
    Regarding reservation, please see notes on Compensatory Discrimination to understand the logic behind it.
  • Bhavesh  - Your Query Solved
    Hindu Act and Muslim act all are personal laws, which are customery and as well as which is applicable to only certain community.

    This type of Act means the Customs of the said comunity had been accepted by law and applicable to the Group of people who is of that community.

    Every one is equal before law and equal protection of law

    Subject to Reasonable Classification which is caste and minority and all
  • Avinash  - Question papers
    Dear Sir,
    I would like to post question papers of 5year LLB course of Bangalore University.
    May I just scan the question papers and post it?
    I could also post notes that i have prepared.These notes have helped me get distinction & first class.
    Kindly tell me the monetary benefit that I may benefit.
  • admin
    Hi Avinash,
    We do not pay anything for pure question papers because they are not your copy righted material but for your notes (or question papers solved by you), we can pay up to Rs 1000 depending on the quality of the notes.

    You may scan the question papers and we can upload them along with your name. It would be a good service to other law students.

  • Avinash  - Notes
    I shall mail the notes of one subject to you.Do have a look at it.
    I shall also send the question papers
  • Adv. Ghazala Khan  - My Introduction
    Dear Sir,
    I am a practicing Advocate in Nasik, Maharashtra. I am following your website since last one year. It contains a great collection which is very useful for us. I would like to contribute to it by sending articles/notes. If you approve it for publishing it at your website, then it will be a great pleasure for me. I am preparing for Judiciary exams. It will also help me learning.
    Thanking you with assurance of best co-operation

    Yours Faithfully
    Adv. Ghazala Khan
  • admin
    Dear Ghazala,
    Thank you for your kind words. You may send your notes/material to me at editor@hanumant**** and I will upload them on the site along with your name.

    thank you.
  • audu  - moot court
    plz sir help me for moot court give me a guide to moot court
  • Shail Shakya  - Contribution of Essays
    Respected Sir,

    I visited your web-page today. I am deeply impressed by the quality and the standard of content that is there. Let me tell you that I am a student of B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) [Final Year] at Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow and I am also the two times consecutive winner of Manupatra Annual Essay Competition.

    What all i wanted to convey here is that law is not just academics, we should read about the practice in same spirit. Be it litigation or a job in a law firm, all that matters is your approach to your target.

    I am deeply interested in contributing quality material on following aspects but related to litigation only and not for judicial services:

    01. Company law and corporate affairs.
    02. Maritime practice in India
    03. International Investment Laws.
    04. Intellectual Property Laws.
    05. Cyber Laws and Proceure.

    Tell me how, when and where to contact you. I will be starting my work from 1st of December, 2010.

    Thanking You.

    Shail Shakya
  • Anonymous
    Dear Shail,
    You have not left your contact information so we are unable to reach you. Please contact us on our email.

    thank you,
  • anil bissa  - to get legal articles published
    dear sir,
    i m anil kumar bissa. i am a commerce graduate and done my LL.B. both with jai narain university, jodhpur. besides that i have done MBA and CS intermediate. I m good at company laws and many oher tax laws also. therefore i would like to work for ur journal. if u find me helpful plz contact me on my email.
  • sunil kumar meena  - mode
    sir what would be the mode of payment for submision of question papers of llb and wgen it will be credited ???
  • Priyanshu saxena  - LL.B. hons. question papers of Lucknow University
    Dear sir,

    This is Priyanshu saxena from Lucknow.

    Firstly, i would like to introduce myself to u. Sir I have done LL.B. (Hons.) from Lucknow university, pursuing company secretary course (Professional) from ICSI, and Master of Business Law from Lucknow University.

    Sir, i would like to submit the question papers of LL.B. (Hons.) university. kindly tell me the the further step in this direction.

    secondly, i would like to mention also my firm desire of working with u as editor. kindly respond me as soon as possible.


    Priyanshu saxena

  • Devyani  - Articles
    Respected Sir,

    Today, while surfing the net for some research work I came across regarding the requirement on your site for Legal Articles etc. I was looking out for website like yours where I could contribute my work also. I am interested in working for the same.

    Before that I would like to explain you about the type of work I am involved in. I have experience in writing analysis and headnotes for Landmark judgments of Supreme Court of India as well as various other High Courts. I have also worked on solving legal queries.

    I have completed my L.L.B. with Goa University and at present I am assoicated with a Law Firm in Mumbai as a Advocate and prior to this I had worked for Legal Pundits as a Senior Research Associate.

    As I am interested in submitting my legal work, please revert back if you are interested in this proposal so that we can further discuss the process.

    My Email Id is : dp.korgaokar@gmail****

    Thanks and Regards,

    Devyani Korgaokar.
  • mona
    I am using the notes from your website for the last 3 months.I am deeply impressed by the quality and the standard of writing of the notes.It has helped a lot in my exam.
    However, I am interested to give you some notes and to work for your journal.If you kindly allow.Awaiting for your reply.

    Thanking you,
    Mona Banerjee
  • srinu babu  - Old 3rd question papers
    Dear Sir,
    I would like to post old question papers of 3year LLB course of Acharya Nagarjuna University.
    How can I reach it to you, give me replay
    thanking you sir,
  • srinu babu  - re: Old 3 years llb question papers
    Dear Sir,
    I would like to post old question papers of 3year LLB course of Acharya Nagarjuna University.
    How can I reach it to you, give me replay
    thanking you sir,
  • rohit kumar  - public international law
    I am student of delhi university faculty of law i would like to contribute on certain topic like contract law and public international law .i wants to know terms and condition about that please entertain my query

  • nandini p kahar  - llb question papers
    Dear Sir,i m LLM in constitution.due to family problem i cant do job outside home.i want home based job.so i would like to post old question papers of mumbai or nagpur university.kindly tell me sir can i submit ? for this u will pay me? image:
  • bhawana  - Articals posting
    can we send the articals in Hindi...?
  • admin
    Yes, you can send articles in Hindi also.
  • Abhinav Gupta  - re: Articles + Question Papers
    [quote=Abhinav Gupta]Respected Sir/ Ma'am,

    I visited your web-page few days ago . I am deeply impressed by the quality and the standard of content that is here on your website.

    First of all Let me introduce myself . I have pursued B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) [ Five Year Course] from Amity University, Lucknow and I want to contribute something to your site.

    I am deeply interested in contributing quality material on the following:

    01. Constitutional Law.
    02. Business Law
    03. Family Law.
    04. Law of Crimes.

    Tell me how, when and where to contact you.

    Thanking You,

    Yours sincerely

    Abhinav Gupta

  • Mohit Surana  - Previous Years l.l.b papaer submission
    Dear sir,
    I visited your this website and fouund that u pay us for uploading examination papers . Well i m interested in this matter . I am from Jodhpur.
    JNVU my university name. So for the above i wana like to know what is the procedure for getting through it.I would like to have your office address and contact no.
    Thnking you.
  • Saurav Goel  - Notes for Law and Judicial Exams
    Hello Hanumant

    How are You? Well I have done LL.b and Company Secretaryship and right now preparing for civil service exams with law as my subject. I want to contribute my knowledge on your website to earn some extra income.

    So Please tell me how to proceed. Waiting for your reply.


    Saurav Goel
  • gaurav pandey
    hello sir,
    i want send u a lot of law materials in hindi
    but plz send that information by which i recieve my money
  • Deepesh Mittal  - Publication of Articles

    I have just completed my law. I came to know through this website that we will get paid if we write articles and submit it to you. I have written several articles. Kindly let me know the email id so that i can send one of them to you for publication and u can check it for first instance of yours.

    Thanks & Regards

    Deepesh Mittal
  • priyanka singh  - delhi judicial question paper 2010
    dear sir,

    i am preparing for my judicial service exam and have given a few exams...i have question papers of djs 2010,uppsc 2009,2008,upsc 2009.
    have my next exam uttarakhand judicial on 21 aug...though we are not allowed to take the question paper i can surely give you the questions i can remember... should i send it to your mail account? looking forward for your reply.

    thanking you

  • Sukumar
    :angry: Dear I Joined my 1year LLB in Karnataga I want Constitutional Law, Family law - Hindu, Criminal Law papers PDF file pls if you have send or otherwise refer me good books for the same.

    Seeking your reply .....................

    Mob: 7845690582
  • Anonymous
    Respected sir,
    i am a student of b.a.ll.b 3rd yr. and i am instrested in submitting notes . can you please tell me about the rules for submittion.
  • Safiya
    Dear Sir,
    I would like to post question papers of 3year LLB course of D.D.U. Gorakhpur, Gorakhpur.
    May I post the question papers?
    I could also post notes that I have prepared.These notes have helped me.

  • swati
    hello sir,
    i am law graduate student with two years experience in advocacy.i want to send notes on different topics of law plz tell me would u accept these types of notes and pay for it .reply me if u want it sir
    Dear sir,

    I am LLB first year student just visited your website, Great work. Thanking you for helping out law student community. Please include manilaw5@gmail**** in your student mailing list. Thanksm Mani
  • priyanka sharma
    Hello sir i am an law graduate i just went through your site i would like to write articles for your site.please let me know how to proceed further.
  • Adv. Sayyed Mushtaque Ahmed Sa  -  notes on Civil Judge preliminary exam
    ur site is really the best !
    i want to supply notes
    about pre- exam of civil judge
    if ur ready to pay me and also
    i m ready to conduct coaching
    class on ur behalf at pune
    Ahmednagar satara etc if u will pay me,
    i m well verse in practice but
    very much having intrst such types
    offers. my cell no. 8087209369
  • ravindra presingu  - question papers
    Dear all,
    Thanks for providing this facility. Please canyou send the question papers of Andhra University LLB 1st sem. of the year 2009 till date.

  • Biswa  - Thanx
    I have come acrossed your website.What you are doing is what i see.You are very good at work.I appreciate your effort as there is no such facilities for the law people to have a good concept and easy access of AUNTHENTIC law materials over the internet.I am str***ling to make my career.Hope ur hard work will never go waste atleast for me.Keep it up.Focus on the quality of notes nevertheless it would be the key to your success.
  • Payal Tyagi  - Submission of C.C.S University LL.B 5 Year Sem-1 Q
    I wish to submit c.c.s university ll.b 5 yr sem 1 question papers.if intrested please mail me the procedure to upload the same on your site.
  • Vijayalaxmi Jha  - Question papers, Articles and notes...
    Dear Sir,
    I am Vijayalaxmi Jha, B.A.,LL.B Student 6th semester from Jamia Miilia Islamia.
    I would like to post question papers of upto 5 semester of Jamia Millia Islamia University.
    I will just scan the question papers and will post it.
    I will also post articles and notes that i have prepared.These notes have helped me get distinction & first class in all semester.
    Kindly tell me the monetary benefit that I may benefit.

    please Reply
  • enthuwar
    You haven't mentioned your contact details so there is no way for us to contact you. Please send us an email to the id mentioned at the top.
  • jaya krishna kishore.B  - question paper of 2012 April 1st can i up load
    Ihave 1st sem question papers of vikrama Simhapuri univeristy Nellore can i up load
  • Ananaya Sachdeva  - Article on Partnership Firms
    Hello Sir,

    I am a student of BA LLB at University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun (Uttarakhand)

    I have written an article on how Accounting takes place in Partnership Firms.

    What is the procedure to apply for the Article to be selected for your blog?

    Thanking you,
    Yours sincerely
    Ananaya Sachdeva
    (Semester IV, BA LLB)
    (University of Petroleum and Energy Studies)
    Email ID: ananayasachdeva@gmail****
  • SHAIELSH SHARMA  - Pleace give me more information about CJQUEST CORE
    Pleace give me more information about CJQUEST CORE
  • jaipur  - Answer Key of M P Civil Judge Exam 2012

    We want to know that the Answer Key of Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge Exam 2012. Which was held on 6 May, 2012.

    We will be highly oblige if you provide us the answer key of aforesaid exam/


  • vandana mishra  - notes on interpretation of statues
    iam from bombay i need a ios notes of mumbai university.so, kindly help me .
  • swati tiwari
    i want to send law notes for ll.b students.i am a law graduate and doing llm .
  • shaikh abdussalam
    Please send me all 1st year llb notes and Question paper with answer sheet.
    thank you and oblige
  • prashant  - send of "notes of procedural law"
    :) dear sir
    i am completed ll.b from vinoba bhave university hazaribagh. i prepare for judicial service but i have not good notes of procedural law and i have not idea for making this, so i humbly request to you send me notes in my mail id of said subject.thanxxxx
  • Anonymous

    I am a student of Gujarat University and pursuing my LLB from Ahmedabad. I have completed my 5 semisters & wld appear for 6th in November.. I would like to send the question papers & also the notes prepared by me. Pls let me know on which mail id i shld send them over..

    Also, i wld like to mention i came across ur website 2-3 days back & its really useful especially for students of Gujarat..Thankyou

    Sucheta Joshi

  • admin
    You haven't provided your contact details. Please send us an email with your contact details and we will let you know.
  • Mohammad Sayyad  - Good Notes.
    first time i see the notes.and nthey were in very simple language. thanks to the Hanumant Law series.
  • sureshnageswaran  - there is any web sites for llb notes
    i am doing my llb 3yrs in karanataka state law university
    i want to get some good reference through on line any website is there let me known
  • priyanka dagar
    hello sir!
    i have just completed my 1st year and have interned at district court for last 3 months where i learnt and wrote a lot of civil complaints regarding 138 N.I act and other civil matters. i want to share those formats with every1 and apart from that, i have prepared brief notes regarding various topics like section 138 N.I act, Order 37 ,etc so that any non-legal person can also get an idea of the basics of these topics. can i mail them to u so that u can go through them and decide if they will be useful or not??
  • aparup das  - submission of question papers

    I'd like to say that I am a student of LLB- IV sem of Burdwan University. Your site is very helpful for preparing my exams.

    I wish to submit previous years' question papers of my university.What are the rules & regulations, please s***est.

    Aparup Das
  • chandar nishad  - cg civil judge note for examination
    pls give the notes of civil judge examination for cg civil judge competation examination.

  • mayank Kumar  - Ready recokner for competiitve exams
    I have the honour to submit that I am practicising advocate and I have also completed L.L.M in the year 2011 and qualify the U.G.C Net exams and wants to share the experience to preparing students .
    I hope that you will be pleased to allow me to send some ready topics and tips for competitive students
    with regards

    mayank kumar
  • Eklare Ravi  - Request
    Dear Sir

    My heartly request

    plg give me LL.B. Third Year Full syllabus 2012-2013


    my subject

    C.P.C. and Limitation Act.
    Law of evidence
    Environmental law
    Public international law
    land law

    My exam are nearly sir
    plz. Help me
  • pooja  - article submission
    sir i want to submit article about "The challenge to AoR system"
    please let me know if you are interested.
  • mayank gandhi  - last 10 years solved exam paper of gujarat civil j
    dear sir, you have done superb job. i am preparing for JMFC gujarat kindly mail me plz last 10 years solved question paper......

    thanx ..............
    Mayank gandhi
  • B jaya Krishna kishore  - exam papers of Vikrama Simhapuri university Andhra
    Sir i am 2year LL.B student ihave first year qeustions papers i want to email to u if u give permission thanking u
  • Shyama  - proposal for providing the question papers of LL.B
    Respedted Mr. Deshmukh,
    First of all, I would like to say that its really an incredible step taken by you my initiating this site in the welfare of the students of law.
    After reading the requirement about the question papers, I am interested in providing the same for the Law of Evidence. They are the recent examination papers of Delhi University.
    Please let me know your response on this at my email id-shyamatlaw@gmail****.
  • avinash singh
    Sir i am 1year LL.B student ihave first year qeustions papers i want to email to u if u give permission thanking u
  • Maniyar Md Azruddim Md M  - About sending Question Papers
    I have to send some previous question papers of different exams to you.In what way I have to send and in what way I will get payment and what criteria.Please send me on this E mail to me.
  • MANIYAR MD A MD M  - Procedure for sending articles,question papers,etc
    I hav to send some articles,question papers of different exams to you.So please guide to me in what way I will sent to you.And about paying money also.
  • Maniyar Md A
    I want to sent questions papers on your website please guide to me
  • Jino M Kurian  - gist of an article

    Dear Sir,
    I am interested to publish an article about the protection of IPR through Customs Authorities. I felt it as a different procedure how customs authorities of India is preserving the IP rights of an owner. I shall discuss it mainly through the section of the Indian Customs Authorities Act of 1872 and Intellectual Property Rights (Imported Goods) Enforcement Rules, 2007.
    Kindly reply your s***estions.
    Yours sincerely
    Jino M Kurian
  • Waheed
    Send me nots of law for llb
  • Waheed  - Send me nots of law for l.l.b
    Send me nots of law for l.l.b
  • Akanksha sharma
    Sir I wanna submit article on case dairy ...I m a llb student...what should be length of an article
  • Gurmeet Singh  - hi sir plz send me notes on white collar crime and
    hi sir plz send me notes on white collar crime and land law with in 3 days
  • Prasad Mahajan  - Requirement Book OR Article OR Paper for DLP ( Dip
    Dear All,

    Kindly share if u have any document , paper , book regarding Diploma in Labour Law....

    Prasad Mahajan
  • Ankit Batra
    :evil: a very simple way to attempt in exams is to never learn by heart the material just understand the basics of subject and then answaer any question and secondly never leave any question blank watever u know anything relating to that topic write that stuff
  • vikas lalar  - join
    hello sir ,
    i want to join this site for regular receiving of new articles.
  • shubha
    :D hey m persuin law frm APS university n hv ques papers of 3 semesters i can snd those papers if u agree..
  • yashwant singh  - Notes
    Dear all,

    My Name is Yashwant Singh. I m persuing LLB from Mjp Rohilkand University.I have completed my Ist Sem with scored of 55% now i will have to apear in 2nd Sem exam in July . Could anybody guide me the best way to attampt Question or presentation, so that i can get good mark within limited 3 hrs time. pls provide me the tips to get good marks.

    My subjects are given below:-

    1 Company Law
    2. property law
    3. mohd law
    4. contract law
    5. constitutional law

    i will be thankful for this.

    thanks & Regards'

    Yashwant Singh
  • Anonymous
    jindly give solved answer for year 2009 and 2011..llb part 1 tilkamanjhi bhagalpur university
  • shanu  - LL B 1st Year Notes


    Hi i am Shanu Pursing LLB 1st year from CCS University Meerut , dear I Have 9 subject hereunder

    1 Jurisprudence
    2 Contract -1
    3 Torts & consumer Protection Law
    4 IPC ( Law of Crimes)
    5 Constitutional Law of India
    6 Public International Law & Human Right
    7 Environmental Law
    8 Professional Ethics
    9 Taxation Law

    Kindly Provide me Note on above noted Subject

    En early reply highly appreciated

    Thanks in advance

  • jayanti  - hi
    hi i am 1st yr llb student from i have atkt in 4 subjects labour law, constitution, family law envt law
  • arun mishra  - advice
    sir pls advice me how i get better mark in pcs j and interview
  • Murugan Jee  - moot court
    plz sir help me for moot court give me a guide to moot court
  • sitaram prajapat  - Question papers
    please give me question papers for intense exam
  • Anonymous

  • Isha  - notes and articlea
    Respected sir
    I have done B.A.LLB. from Panjab university and preparing for judicial examination. I am interested in wrinting articles and news. If interested kindly reply. Thanku
  • nerella venkata hyma pujitha  - notes
    hai sir
    i m pujitha pursing my B.B.A;LL.B ( hons ) 2 nd year in gitam school of law , vizag. my 1 st semister percentage was 80 % and my second semister percentage was 78 % .
    i have completed 4 legal subjects i.e contracts( both general and special) , family law -1 , legal language and writing , torts , and criminal alw ( ipc ).
    i am interested in writing the notes on family law hindu marriage act , 1955 and topic on restitution of conjugal rights section 9 of hindu marriage act .
    thanks and regards ,
  • nerella venkata hyma pujitha  - notes
    hi , i am pujitha pursing my B.B.A;LL.B( hons ) 2 nd year in Gitam school of law, vizag. my topics for law subjects till i had covered are torts , contracts , family law , Indian penal code .
    i am interested in writing about the topic restitution of conjugal rights section 9 of Hindu marriage act 1955.
    so please reply back if you have seen this mail .
    thanks and regards,
  • PRASANNA  - i would like to help the other law students regard
    Hello sir ,,, this is Prasanna studying ll.b. 2nd year of 5 year course at Acharya Nagarjuna university ..

    I would like to help students in their communication and grammer skills mainly how to attend an essay writting regarding any legal issues or how to proceed and take a step in moot court discussions or any other debates regarding the legal topics . I can forward you the great intresting topics so that students can not only be able to improve there communication skills but also can work out on many topics I don't expect much benefit regarding it

    But what I want is students knowing the current issues mainly and developing there talkative spirit I dont expect much to be paid for my work .What I expect is the students should be developed with there studies and should help others those who are willing to study

    and finally sir give me details how colud I send you all the information what I said above

    Dear sir,
    I am pursuing MBL degree in Karnataka state, i am in need of notes material for the subjects, Environmental and Industrial laws. Kindly advise about the availability of the study material with you and also under which section.
    Kindly help me by sending the study material to my mail address or advise me in this matter at the earliest.
    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,
    G P Raj.
  • Najeeb rehman  - nessessity of llb 2nd year notes
    respected sir.

    my 2nd year llb exam is to be done on january so i hordly need 2nd year llb notes.
    kindly grant notes i will be thankfull for that.

    regard Najeeb Rehman
  • Mujeeb rahman  - Hello Sir please I need Labor Law Notes please can
    Hello Sir please I need Labor Law Notes please can you send me to mujeeb.rahmany@yahoo****
  • Sheetal Bhanushali  - How to submit law articles here?
    Hi admin,
    My name is Sheetal Bhanushali and I have done my LL.B (General) from The M.S. University of Baroda. I have just appeared my LL.B (Special) also from the same university. I have gone through your website about paid law articles. I would like to help law students by posting the same articles and get back to be paid. Kindly let me know the procedure of it.

    Sheetal Bhanushali

  • Asif h. siddique
    thnk you .. i m very happy bcz i tuk nots frm diz side .. and i hv done ipc. very wl in exm.. thkn you..
  • Naziya Rashid
    Hi i am Naziya i have completed my BA.LLB i would like to post some articles on certian specified topics that would help students of law to get enlighted with the subjects .regards
  • karthik  - S.V.University Old Question Papers
    i am LL.B Student of 1st sem under S.V.University. i have old question papers . if hanumanth**** editor interested i will post for paid. i tried to send mail to editor@hanumanth**** but there failed of mail notice found. reply me of your acceptance to send scanned copy of old question papres to my mail id : karthik.mohana1109@gmail****

    thank you editor reply me ASAP.

  • Uma Rani  - need help
    :D I am unable to get jcj study material how to browse
  • bachareddy am
    I am unable to get llb study material how to browse please send me
  • Anonymous  - notes on llb 2nd semester
    sir, can you please do me a favour??? i m a student of Gauhati univ.
    can you provide me the notes on
    constitution law
    Mohamandan Law
    land law of assam
    with regards
    Lalitya kanta Ghosh
  • Vinay Kushwaha  - Jurisprudence Notes
    Hello Sir,
    I am pursuing law (b.a.ll.b.(hons.) from allahabad university.
    I would like to submit notes on legal jurisprudence on the topics--
    1)custom, legislation, judicial precedent, stare decisis-- as the source of law
    2) concept of possession and ownership
    3) legal and corporate personality.
    Can I?

    vinay :D
  • Anonymous
    Pleez send me question papers of llb ist sem 3

  • vishwjeet singh panwar  - Require 5 years question papers of Meghalaya Judic
    Can anyone provide me Last five or ten ears question papers for Meghalaya Judiciary?
  • Madhan  - how to present case law
    Respected sir

    I would like to know if any format available for presenting the case law in LLB exam,

    Please provide if any.

    Thanks and Regards
  • gajendra  - notes on evidence act
    hi sir

    this is gajendra Nerpawar from Mumbai.

    i need indian evidence act noes in pdf form
    please send it to me. my email id is gajendranerpawar@gmail****

  • manish kumar singh  - how do i get the notes from here
    pls can any one told me that
    how do i get law notes from this site
    pls help me out i m very confused ??????????????
  • vaijanath  - notes
    dear Sir.
    I Required L LB First Semester Notes Of All Subject Urgently.plz plz plz do the need ful..

    thanks in advance.........

    My Subject Are:-

    1- contract-1
    2-hindu law
    3-law of tort
    4-indian penal code
    5- Constitutional law
  • law wins  - query regarding article publication
    Respected sir,
    The level of material posted on your website is of great quality and being highly fascinated by such a productive site i too want to make my small contribution.
    I am a B.A. ll.b. 5th year 1st sem. student and is a topper since 1st sem. I had participated in various conferences, seminars and has prepared personal notes too.
    I want to contribute papers, notes on almost on all topics and special referring to

    Drafting, pleading proforma's
    professional ethics
    Environment law
    Child rights
    Anti-competitive agreements
    Intellectual property rights

    and i also want to ask can I submit powerpoint presentation and what is the mode of being paid (if article published).

    my email: let.the.law.wins
    contact no.: 09634226042

  • Anonymous
    Dear Sir,

    I am persuing LLB in 2nd year . I personally wants to say thank to you . The material which you have provided its very easy to learn and understanding . Based on your material I scored good marks.

    Please do updates on this and help us to upgrade ourself.

    Vamshi Krishna
  • Anonymous

    Hi i am Yogesh Pursing LLB 1st year from Allahabad University. Dear I Have 7 subjects here under

    1 Contract -1
    2 Environmental law
    3 Muslim Law
    4 IPC ( Law of Crimes)
    5 Constitutional Law of India
    6 Human Rights Law & Practice
    7 English Language.

    Kindly Provide me Notes on above noted Subject at my Email:

    En early reply highly appreciated

    Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

    Hi i am Yogesh Pursing LLB 1st year from Allahabad University. Dear I Have 7 subjects here under

    1 Contract -1
    2 Environmental law
    3 Muslim Law
    4 IPC ( Law of Crimes)
    5 Constitutional Law of India
    6 Human Rights Law & Practice
    7 English Language.

    Kindly Provide me Notes on above noted Subject at my Email:
    Mobile number : 09451326026

    En early reply highly appreciated

    Thanks in advance.
  • Mrs. Pramodini Maluste  - LLM with Human Rights Exam in Apr., 2015
    i am appearing LLM with Human Rights Exam in Apr., 2015 in Mumbai University my requirement is LLM course material in Mararthi as well as English subject wise and How to write the long question answer in time. pl. gudie to me. If any possibility pl. call me or write to me
    Mob.No.9869167949 and pramodini.maluste@sci.co.in
  • vijaya yadav  - need complete notes 4 consti... pls help sir
    need notes 4 consti
  • Adv.Richa Sharma  - papers ll.m. sem.=1st
    hello ,
    I am a student of ll.m. May i post 1st semester exam papers of ll.m.
  • Adv.Richa Sharma
    hello ,
    I am student of ll.m. of rajasthan university with 4 year advocacy.
    I would like post 1st semester exam paper of rajasthan university . if u want plx tell ...
  • Anonymous
    hello ,
    I am richa sharma , i have a law degree with 4 year experiance and still i m doing LL.M. in rajasthan university. I would like post LL.M exam 1st sem paper and some notes on constitution (president ), If u r interested plz tell me ..
    thanking you
  • Anonymous
    Dear Sir,

    I am LLB First Year Student(Marathi Language) . Kindly advise us LLB-Sem II books available in marathi for examination of mumbai university.
  • Anonymous
    i am a student of law college of s.d management ccs university from meerut.my exam startiing next month plz help me n send me importent question in hindi on my email id.i m waiting you plz help me...these is my email id...humaansari00786@gmail****..
  • Anonymous
    I am Triveni llb 1st year i need the important topics&important questions of my all 1st year subjects i am waiting for your help sent to my email my id3venislj@gmail****
  • Anonymous
    I am Triveni llb 1st year my 1st semistar subjects are
    Political since
    Legal language & legal writing
    History of courts
    Please sent me important topics and important questions
    My mail id 3venislj@gmail**** iam waiting for your help please help me
  • Anonymous
    Plz i want 1st sem llb degree notes
  • Anonymous
    i have some latest osmania university question papers .. i would like to post for the viewers ...how to post on this website...
  • Alethia Bottolfson  - Submission Guidelines
    kredyt dla firm

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  • Wilson Hannem  - Submission Guidelines
    "metale kolorowe"

  • Fat Loss Diet  - Submission Guidelines
    Excellent information compared to some of the other topics I've discovered. Continue the nice work.

  • E.nagendiran  - my result 1,5,7sem yvemmana batch:2010 _2011
    my result 1,5,7sem yv SBrtm batch 2010_2011
  • Anonymous
    pls can u give me d sem 6 bls ques pepar
  • Anonymous
    Hi sir
    I have completed ll.b. second year and now i hold in aurangabad city therefore, need to me environmental law notes and questions also so kindly send to me...............!!!
    Thanks for other subject sir because your questions very thankful to us
    Shashikant Mahajan
  • Anonymous
    i am 1st year llb student i need important notes of exam point of view llb 1st sub-family 1st,family 2nd, contract-ii,consti-ii, law of tort
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