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Tuesday, 05 January 2010 05:12
Students are probably the weakest members of our society in spite of being educated. I am not even talking about the quality of the teachers and the education imparted by the educational institutions in the country, which ever body knows about. I am talking at a much lower level. Students are regularly deprived of even the basic right of natural justice. If you just look at the problems they face and the way they are treated, you will find that they are no different from bonded laborers. Here are some of the problems that I, as a Law student of Govt. Law College, Indore (affiliated to Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Indore), have observed and faced -
  1. Out of syllabus question papers - Given that there are no good teachers to teach, a Student has no where to go but to books. A syllabus is a fundamental scale on which his knowledge is supposed to be tested. I must say UGC has done a good job in at least maintaining an up to date syllabus for various streams. Yet, University question papers regularly contain questions that are out of the syllabus that they themselves have published. It seems even the paper setters do not read the syllabus. Even after notifying the University right after the exam, no action is taken.
  2. No model answers - Most of the University exams (non-science streams at least) contain essay type questions. It is obvious that it is not possible to provide a single correct answer. However, there are about 30 minutes to write an answer and only so much can be written. Why can't the University provide short model answers enumerating the points that need to be covered in the answers? In fact, in essay type questions it is even more important to provide such guideline because how else can an answer be evaluated?
    Upon further inquiry, I learned that the University only asks the paper setters for question papers and not for model answer to go along with the question papers. Make senses. Who wants responsibility. It is precisely because of this reason that many questions are ambiguous or ill formed. Some times even the translation is so bad that the Hindi version asks for something and the English version asks for something else.
  3. No consistency in evaluation of answer sheets - This is actually a consequence of the previous point. In absence of model answers, copies are checked arbitrarily. Specially in essay type questions. Every checker has his own idea of the points that need to be covered and so there is no consistency in marks. 
  4. No feedback to students - Universities usually sell the old answer sheets of the students as raddi. Why can't they give the copies back to the Students (even if at a reasonable cost) so that they can learn what they did wrong? This is a cover up operation really. As students compare their marks and answer sheets, they will be enraged at the discrepency in marking and will certainly ask why one has gotten less marks than the other even though his answer is better? Of course, when the examiners themselves don't have any criteria of awarding marks, the Universities would be exposed by giving back the answer sheets.

    DAVV has devised an ingenious way to prevent exposing its lack of competence. DAVV "shows" a student his answer sheet at a price of 500/- per answer sheet. The student is put in isolation, without any pen/paper or any other device, and only allowed to see the answer sheet. What good is that? He is not even allowed to make a copy of it so that he can take it back to his professor and understand what he did wrong? Obviously, the University is only paying lip service and is actually killing the spirit of RTI.
  5. No adherence to academic session - My LLB final semester was supposed to be over by May'09. The results should have been declared in Jun'09. I should have been able to take admission in LLM in 09-10 session. However, the exam was conducted in Oct'09 and result was declared on 31st Dec. 2009. I, and many other students like me, lost a complete year because of such callous attitutude of the university. Ok, there are not enough teachers, I understand. Not enough resources, rooms, books, labs, equipment, I understand. But can't they at least conduct exams on time? We are behind by one full year. One full year of our lives has been wasted for no fault of ours. Just because the morons at the University didn't do their jobs right. They took their salaries on time, didn't they? Why shouldn't these people be held personally liable for our loss? 
A student's voice is never heard. Since a University is a creation of a statute, it has a monopoly on education. It has all the power without any responsibility. A student has no power and no option. He needs a degree. So he slogs and slogs at the whims of the University authorities. Nobody cares. Nobody even listens. Just like a bonded laborer.

On the face of it, they may seem like trivial issues, but I believe these problems have a profound impact on our society. Todays students, especially University students are tomorrows Judges, Police officers, Administrators, Professors, and babus. In short, todays Students are tomorrows Govt. machinery. When the youth of our society is being treated with such disdain, this is exactly what they are learning and this is exactly how they are treating others after they come in power....i.e. with disdain. So when a retired professor strips naked i.e. does Gandhigiri to get his pension (as is Munnabhai MBBS), I don't feel sympathetic. This is exactly how he treated others when he was in power. This is what he sowed and this is exactly what he...all of us, actually, are reaping.

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  • JITENDER TYAGI  - feed back
    I read from ur side various things which u have written about students yes i agree with u that students are the most weeker class in atleast our country

  • Geetika Anand  - right to raise voice against
    i thinking the biggest problem is....sumtimes we do not have an option of voicing against...students who r brave enuf..try n do sumthing..but a fear of grudge from the other end in any manner stops the bravest also to show courage.....

  • Tazeem..........jst b urslf  - i do agree wid d author
    I think students r d most suppressed segment of Indian society.........we except a lot from dem bt we do nothing for dem so dat dey may achieve d highest goal in dere life......
  • Amritha V.Shenoy  - kochi
    I am a student of Govt Law College, Ernakulam which is affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University and our courses are lagging, it wates atleast one year of ours..Plight of students ia addressed by none.
  • k n khan  - other side of problem
    yes this is all true . Bare true .. Look at the other side of coin tooo then it ll be easy to carve the solution
    1. Teacher Student ratio -> very poor . a teacher whether teach or check copies prepare quetion papers, guard in exam, take lectures do other administrative works and ALSO to KEEP UPDATE HIMSELF , apart from College level low politics between teachers and senior one and University authority etc and even sometimes Students AND apart from again all that a teacher IF want prmotion (as we all like ) the guidelines of UGC is there to have research articles published, some expertise works, experience of conducting research(these r on papers but in fact iclude some imp things more like licking bootleg of THE DEAN Saa`b , HOD UNIV authorities, Source in UGC too)
    2. For exam conduction and paper setting -> no seperate branch of expertise is there but all thaat has to be done by your ALONE BECHAARA TEACHER / Lecturer.
    3. No time for developing his Expertise and keeping u to date
    4. Checking copies 100 s of stuednt -> is not an easy task paying attention to check allminor details in that alloted time schedule by authorities(humanities subjects particularly). And if Copies given THEN every body willl complain of his less marks and thus GULP out the much less left time of ur overburdened teacher to hear all students.
    5 Model Answers -> good idea !! but just think before the TOTA type of students who ve less brains but good memory power will not go and read text book but just memorize 10 year solved Model ans paprs and yoo 100 % then again u ll complain(sharp boys who uses there toils to search and read extensively for a good ans )
    6. Non science subjects are subjects which puts more emphasis on creating answers rather memorize and write.v BUT unfortunetly we r in the era of memory test NOT KNOWLEDGE TEST.
    7. Objective qs paper(checking by computers ) as well as subjective will solve the problem AND no doubt everybody must be given his asn wer sheet ... but again this is not a problem on teachers BUT ur SLOW UNIV AUTHORITY, BABUS and clercks


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