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Q. Special Suits - State the procedure for institution of suits by and against minors or persons of unsound mind.

As per Rule 1, the definition of minor given in Majority Act, 1875 applies - a person who has not attained the age of 18 yrs or for a minor for whose person or property a guardian or next friend has been appointed by the court or court of wards, the age of majority is 21 yrs.

Read all Rules in Order 32.

Ram Chandra vs Ram Singh AIR 1968 - SC held that a decree passed against a minor or a lunatic without appointment of a guardian is a nullity and is void and not merely voidable.

Q. Suits by and against the Govt.

Read Order 27 and Section 79-82.

Q. Interpleader Suit -

Section 88 and Order 35

Section 88 - Where interpleader suit may be reinstituted? Where two or more persons claim adversely to one another the same debts, sum of money or other property, movable or immovable, from another person, who claims no interest therein other than for charges or costs and who is ready to pay or deliver it to the rightful claimant such other person may institute a suit of interpleader against all the claimants for the purpose of obtaining a decision as to the person to whom the payment or delivery shall be made and of obtaining indemnity for himself:
Provided that where any suit is pending in which the rights of all parties can properly be decided, no such suit of interpleader shall be instituted.

Procedure -  Read Order 35 Rule 1 - 4