M.P Civil Judge Class - II

Preliminary Examination - September 2009

Answer Key

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1} who is the chairperson of identification authority of india

Nandan nilekani

2} who won the 2009 wimbeldon on 5 th july 2009

Roger federer

3} which country has the largest rail network in the world


4} who is the union law minister of india

Verrappa moily

5} the birthday of late sarvepalli radhakrishnan celebrated as

Teachers day

6} tirupati is in

Andhra Pradesh

7} kanha national park is situated in


8} river narmada originates from


9} gandhiji started dandi march in 1930

Against imposition of salt tax

10} who is the author of –my experiments with truth


11} nasa refers to

National aeronautics ans space administration

12} I.S.O 9000 is a

Quality standard mark

13} who among the following made a film on mahatma Gandhi

Richard Attenborough

14} law day is observed on

26 november

15} which is the longest sea bridge in the country

Bandra worli sea link Mumbai

16} dr.rajendra pachauri is


17} who is the author of discovery of india


18} D.N.A refers

di-oxyribo nucleic acid

19} s.m.s is

Short messaging service

20} padma bhushan award is

Civilian award

21} which city is known as city of joy


22}who is the chief justice of high court of m.p

Justice patnaik

23} who won the ASHES cricket test series held in year 2009


24} who appoints a judge of high court

Chief justice of india

25} which of these animals is not shown in the national emblem of india


26}which is the mother state of chhatisgarh


27}the principal seat of m.p high court


28} how many civil districts are there in m.p


29} who won mens100 m final race at the recently held2009IAAF atheletics world championship in berlin

Usain bolt

30} the finance minister has proposed replacement of income tax act by\

The direct taxes code

31}power granted to a court u/s 151 cpc is known as

Inherent powers

32}an application for amendment of pleadings is filed under

Order 6 rule 17

33} provisions with regard to res judicata are provided under

Section 11 cpc

34} a person instituting a suit in form of a pauper is known as

Indigent person

35}a suit shall be instituted in a court within the local limits ofwhose jurisdiction

Where the cause of action wholly or in part arose

36} who administers oath to governor of state

Chief justice of the state high court

37} a person whose fundamental rights are violated can move the high court under

Article 226

38} which of the following protectspersonal freedom

Haebus corpus

39}preamble of constitution declares india as

Soverign socialist secular democratic republic

40}who among the following was the chairman of the constitution drafting committee


41} an agreement in restrain of marriage of any person other than a minor is

Void contract

42}a and b contract to marry each other before the time fixed for the marriage a goes mad the contract becomes


43}a proposes by a letter to sell his house to b for certain price,communication of this proposal is complete when

B receives the letter

44} where the order in which reciprocal promises are to be performed is expressly fixed by the contract they shall be performed in that order and where the order is not expressly fixed it shall be performed

In that order which the nature of transaction requires

45} a promises to obtain for b an employment in public service and b promises to pay rs.1000 to a,the agreement between a and b

Is void agreement

46} a person employed to do any act for another or to represent another in dealings with third person is

An agent

47} insurance is a

Contingent contract

48} copies made from or compared with the original is

Secondary evidence

49} whether confession made to a police officer {while not in custody}by a person accused of an offence can be proved against him and is a

Not admissible evidence

50} the following is not the exception to the rule of hearsay

Medical experts opinion

51}a is charged with travelling on a railway without ticket ,the burden of proof is on


52} amongst the following who is not a revenue officer under m.p.l.r.c

Chairman board of revenue

53} revision powers are under m.p.l.r.c

Section 50

54} a bhumiswami can seek partition of his agricultural loand amongst his legal heirs during his life time by applying to the


55}which amongst following is not the duty of a patel appointed under m.p.l.r.c

To maintain land records

56} who is competent to transfer a revenue case from one district to another u/s 29 m.p.l.r.c

Board of revenue

57}if a bhumiswami is dispossessed of the land otherwise than in due course of law who can be ordered for restoration of possession


58} wajib ul arj of a village is maintained by the


59}which one of the following is not provided in nistar patrak terms and conditions

The right to fishing

60} ----------- is not defined in m.p.l.r.c


61} the relief provided under specific relief act is


62} in a suit for specific performance of contract the plaintiff can seek a relief only if he establishes that

He was willing and ready to perform his part of the contact

63} find out correct statement

For enforcing individual civil rights and not for enforcing a penal law

64} no suit for recovery of possession may be instituted u/s 6 specif relief act

Against government

65} find out incorrect statement in respect of temporary injunctions

Cannot be granted at any stage of a suit

66}in which of the following cases would the specific performance of any contract not be enforced by the court

Where compensation in money can be afforded for non performance of the contract as an adequate relief

67} which of the following contracts cannot be specifically enforced as per section 14 specif relief act

Contrat which is determinable in its nature

68}an instrument as defined under section 3 transfer of property means

A non testamentary instrument

69}where on a transfer of property an interest therein is created in favour of a person to take effect only on the happening of a specified uncertain event the transfer is called

Contingent transfer

70} the transfer of property act covers

Movable and immovable property

71} under the transfer of property act a person is said to have notice of a fact when

He could with reasonable cause know the fact

72}a mortgage by deposit of the title deed is called

Equitable mortgage

73} which of the following is not an actionable claim

Right to claim benefit of a contract coupled with a liability

74}---------- is defined as a security for repayment of a loan


75}the normal term of office of a member nominated to a gram nyayalaya constituted under the m.p gram nyayalaya adhiniyam is

Five years

76}the state govt establishes gram nyayalaya for every


77} every person nominated as a member of gram nyayalaya befor assuming office shall submit a declaration to the effect that

He shall cease to be a member of political party from date he assumes office

78}gram nyayalaya constituted is not empowered to enquire or to try offence under

Section 326

79} a gram nyayalaya shall not have exclusive jurisdiction u/s 16 (2) of m.p gram nyayalaya adhiniyam to inquire and try offences under

Protection of women from domestic violence act

80}a gram nyayalaya should make endeavour to

Compromise a dispute

81} if a landlord contravenes the provisions of section 38(1) of m.pact ,he shall be punished with imprisonment for accommodation

Three months

82}a suit for eviction of a tenant on the ground of bonafide need for non residential purposes is covered section

Section 12 (1)(f)

83} the special provision for eviction of a tenant on the ground of bonafide requirement of landlord is applicable to

A widow or a divorced wife

84}m.p accommodation act is not applicable to

Accommodation which is the property of the government

85}no suit for eviction of tenant shall be maintainable on grounds specified under section 12 (1)(e) and section12 (1)(f) unless a period of

01 year has elapsed

86} an appeal shall lie from every order f rent controlling authority made

To district judge

87} which of the following act cannot form ground of eviction of tenant

Holding over

88}answer is B

89} C

90} B

91} D

92} A

93} B

94} D

95} C

96} B

97} B

98} D

99} B

100} A