Q1 For criminal conspiracy the minimum number of persons required is .


Ans Two.


Q2. Assault can not be caused by


Ans. Mere words.


Q3. For an unlwafull assembly the minimum number of person required is


Ans Five.


Q4. Y insert his hand in to the pocket of  Z but the pocket was empty . Y is guilty of


Ans  Attempt to theft.


Q5. Permission to investigate in to a non- cognizable offence can be granted by a.


Ans Magistrate having jurisdiction to try the case.


Q6. Period of limitation to take cognizance of an offence punishable for a term more than three years imprisonment is 


Ans No period of limitation is prescribed.


Q7. Facts which need not be proved by the parties, includes


Ans Facts which have been admitted by the parties at or before the hearing.


Q8.In Indian Evidence Act, a document required by law to be attested can be proved by calling:-


Ans.Atleast one of the attesting witness.


Q9. Tenant may be evicted on the ground of bonafide need of landlord for residential purpose but need does not exceed to


Ans Need of any other tenant paying more rent.


Q10. In case of transfer of property the seller is .


Ans Entitled to rents & profits of the property till the ownership there of passed to buyer.


Q11 Number of ingrident of promise is


Ans  Two.


Q12. A patient is lunatic asylum, who is interval of sound mind.


Ans May contract during those intervals when he of sound mind.


Q13. A leaves a cow in the custody of B to be take care of , the cow has a calf , in the absence of any contract to the contrary.


Ans B is bound to deliever the calf as well as the cow to A.


Q14 A party against whom an order has been passed in his absence by a Revenue Officer may apply to have it set aside with in


Ans Thirty days.


Q15.Revenue Inspectors measures & patwaris shall not enter in to any building or upon any enclosed court or garden attached to a dwelling house without the consent of .


Ans Occupier thereof.


Q16.By whose order the tenancy of an occupancy tenant in his holding can be terminated.


Ans The Sub-Divisional Officer.


Q17.There shall be no appeal by a convicted person where a magistrate of the first class passes only a sentence of fine not exceeding.


Ans.One Hundred Rupees.


Q18.The stay of the operation of the order of eviction passed by a rent controlling authority or by the high court shall not enure for a total period of more than.


Ans. Six Month.


Q19. For the purpose of making a gift of immovable property the transfer must be affected


Ans By a registered instrument signed by or on behalf the donor & duly attested.


Q20. Where the decree is for the payment of sun of money exceeding one thousand rupees the period of civil prison


Ans   Shall not exceed three months.


Q21.A instigates B to instigate C to murder Z , B accordingly instigates to C to murder Z & C commits that offence in consequence of B's investigation A is


Ans Guilty of abetting murder.


Q22.A an Indian citizen commits adultry in England , which is not an offence in the country.The alleged offence can be tried by


Ans The court of Judicial Magistrate first class situated at any place in india at which he may be found.


Q23. A in good faith says of A book published by Z . Z books is indecent, Z must be a man of impure mind , is this defamation is punishable under section 500 of the I.P.C.


Ans. No, because it falls with in one of the exceptions of section 499


Q24. A district magistrate or a sub -divisional magistrate may prevent environmental pollution under which provisions of Cr.P.C


Ans Section 133.


Q25.If the offence is punishable with fine only the period of limitation for taking cognizance of it shall be.


Ans. Six month.


Q26.Inherent powers under section 482 Cr.P.C can be exercised by


Ans The High Court.


Q27.Confession of an accused is irrelevant & inadmissible when made


Ans Before a magistrate who told him that if he made a full confession he would be released.


Q28.A vouuntarily confession is admissible in evidence


Ans To a magistrate having a competent jurisdiction.


Q29.A landlord disconnects the electric supply of a tenant unlawfully & without a reasonable cause,who can order to  remain the electric supply on the applicant's application.


Ans Rent Controlling Authority.


Q30.In the case of a public nuisance a suit for declaration & injuction may be instituted by.


Ans Two persons, with the leave of the court.


Q31.Where the appellant has withdrawn the appeal preferred against a decree passed exparte the application under Order 9 Rule 13 shall be




Q32.A lets a farm to B on condition that he shall walk hundred miles in an hour.


Ans The lease is void.


Q33.During service of summons defendant was found absent from his residence & with in reasonable time no chance to get back at his residence , service of summon may be made on .


Ans.Adult memeber of family.


Q34.In which condition the officer of incharge of prison may refused to produce the prisoner for evidence despite court's order.


Ans.Where the medical officer has certified the prisoner is unfit to be removed.


Q35.When an Indigent person succeeds the court fee shall be recovered.


Ans From the Plaintiff.


Q36.Appointment of receivers of any property can be made when


Ans.When it appears to the court to be just & inconvenient whether before or after the decree..


Q37.If in a criminal appeal an accused dies & his near relatives wish to countinue , with in how much time they must apply


Ans.Thirty days.


Q38.Three year period of limitation is prescribed for taking cognizance of the offence punishable with imprisonment for a term not exceeding.


Ans Three Year.


Q39.The term of settlement shall not be less than


Ans 30 Years.


Q40.A is charged with travelling on a rail way without ticket, the burden of proving that  A had a ticket is on


Ans A.


Q41.A document is said to be in the handwriting of A the document is produced from proper custody .If the document is purporting or proved to be




Q42.A makes an attempt to pick the pocket of B by thrusting his hand in to B's pocket ,A is guilty of


Ans Attempt of theft.


Q43. A is magistrate in his presence one murder took place during his morning walk, whether he can arrest the culprit himself.




Q44.A has sexual intercourse with his own wife aged about 14 years with her consent. A commited


Ans Rape.


Q45. A finds a ring lying on the highway road , by taking it A commits.


Ans No Offence.


Q46.The appeal against an order of acquittal passed by the court of judical magistrate first class shall lie to


Ans.The Court of Session.


Q47.A is not a servant in Income tax department but showing himself as Income tax Officer putting raid in B business centre & gets vaiuable articles thus A commits


Ans. Cheating by personation.


Q48.Non Cognizable Offence means.


Ans Police Officer can not arrest without warrant.


Q49.As per Indian law a person attains majority.


Ans When he has completed 18 years.


Q50.Plaintiff live in another city but casually when he comes lives in the suit house with his family.


Ans It doesnot include in bonafide need of plaintiff.