Q1. Contents of document may be proved by


Ans By primary evidence as well as secondary evidence


Q2. Admission is


Ans Can be either oral or in writing.


Q3. In criminal proceedings burden of proof lies


Ans On Prosecution to prove the guilt of accused beyond reasonable doubt.


Q4.Leading question can be asked during


Ans Cross Examinations.


Q5. After a notice of demand for arrears of rent has been served on tenanat, he should pay or tender the arrears of rent to save himself from eviction


Ans With in two months.


Q6.An Agent can be appointed by


Ans A major of sound mind.


Q7. Any person Aggrieved by any entry made in wajib-ui arj may institute a suit in civil court to have such entry cancelled or modified with in


Ans Three Years


Q8. Caveat shall not remain in force after the expiry of


Ans 90 days.


Q9. Age of minor for kidnapping should be


Ans under 16 years of age if a male & under 18 years of age if a female.


Q10.What is the minimum number of persons required to commit ''dacoity''


Ans Five.


Q11. A has sexual intercourse with an adult married women whom ne knows to be wife of another man, without the consent or connivance of that man but with the consent of that women A is guilty of


Ans Adultery.


Q12. A person shall be eligible to appointed as an additional public prosecutor only if he has been in practice as an advocate for not less than


Ans Seven Years,


Q13. The Court of a Magistrate of First class may pass a sentence of imprisonment for a term not exceeding


Ans Three Years.


Q14. Any person who has accepted a tender of pardon made under section 306 or section 307, has either by wilfully concealing any thing essential or by giving false evidence not complied with the conditions on which the tender was made who will certify this fact.


Ans Public Prosecutor.


Q15. When the person who would otherwise he competent to compound an offence under section 320 of code of criminal procedure is dead then,


Ans Legal representative of such person can compound the offence with the consent of court.


Q16. A witness who is unable to speak , gives his evidence by writing in open court, Evidence so given shall be deemed to be


Ans Oral Evidence.


Q17. The examinations after the cross examinations of witness by the party who has called him, is called


Ans  Re- Examinations.


Q18.Attested in relation to an instruments means & shall be deemed always to have been attested by the atleast.


Ans Two witness.


Q19.To be competent to transfer property it is not essential that.


Ans Transferable property is his own.


Q20. A lease of immovable property from year to year is terminable on the part of either lessor or lessee by.


Ans Six month.


Q21.  Leading question


Ans May be asked in cross examinations.


Q22. Where does Madhya Pradesh Accomodation 1961 apply


Ans Area specified in scheduled - 1


Q23.Who fixes the standard Rent.


Ans Rent Controlling Authority.


Q24. An appeal shall lie against the order passed by Rent Controlling


Ans District Court.


Q25. Rules made under the provisions of Madhya Pradesh Accomodation control Act have to be sent to


Ans Assembly.


Q26.A proposes by letter to sell a house to B at a certain price , the communication of price complete when


Ans When B receives letter.


Q27. A sell by auction to B a horse which A knows to be unsound . A says nothing to B about the horse's unsoundness , A does


Ans No fraud.


Q28.Where both parties are under mistake as to matter of fact, the agreement will be.


Ans Void.


Q29. A promises, for no consideration, to give to B Rs 1000/- This agreement is


Ans Void.


Q30.Where no application is made & no time is specified for performance of promise there the agreement be performed with in


Ans Reasonable time


Q31. A agrees with B to discover treasure by magic . this agreement is


Ans Void.


Q32. When does agriculture year begin


Ans 1st July.


Q33. When any person neglects to give information required under section 109 of M.P Land Revenue code with in stipulated period ,the Tehsildar may imposed penalty.


Ans Not exceeding Rs 25/-


Q34.Land Revenue for different lands will be assessed by


Ans Settlement Officer.


Q35.The term o settlement shall not be less than


Ans 30 Years.


Q36.No usufructuary mortgage of any land by a bhumiswami shall be vallid if it is for a period exceeding


Ans Six Year.


Q37. What kind of transfer may be made orally


Ans Surrender of lease


Q38.Whether a transfer can be made in favour of an unborn child


Ans Yes, by machinery of trust.


Q39.When does an unborn person acquire vested interest on transfer


Ans As soon as he is born.


Q40.Who may makes rules consistent with the provisions of T.P. Act:


Ans State government


Q41.In criminal proceeding the fact that the accused is of good character is


Ans Relevant.


Q42. A gives a lakh of rupees to B reserving to himself, with B's assent the right to take back Rs 10000/- at pleasure out of that amount this gift is


Ans Holds goods as to Rs 90000/- but it is void as to Rs 10000/-


Q43.Which is the principal seat of board of revenue


Ans Gwalior..


Q44 If any person fails to comply with a summons to attend as witness the Revenue officer can not


Ans Attach his property.


Q45.Penalty for encroaching upon a recognised road can be imposed by


Ans Tehsildar.


Q46. Any land comprised in his holding may be given on lease continuosly for more than three years by bhumiswami who:-


Ans Is a minor.


Q47.The composition of an offence under section 320 Cr.PC  shall have the effect of


Ans Acquittal


Q48.If any advocate ask questions without reasonable ground what procedure should court adopt


Ans Will hear quietly.


Q49. Dumb witness may give his evidence by writing or signs in open court such evidence shall be deemed in to


Ans Oral Evidence.


Q50.In a suit which relates to a railway authority to be named as plaintiff or defended shall be


Ans The General Manager of the Railway.